Make Your Life Easier With These Small Hacks

When you stood on your own two feet for the first time, you may have realized that adulthood wasn’t always going to be peachy. So make your life easier with tips and tricks that will make you feel like you’re slaying being a grown-up.

When you were growing up, you might have envisaged what your perfect adult life would look like. You might have imagined endless streams of money you could spend on collecting every single Pokémon card, no curfews or bedtimes, or being able to eat as much junk food as you wanted. Although your adulthood might not be too far from this fantasy, there are also the realities and responsibilities of life which might have blindsided you. There are financial responsibilities, work responsibilities, and civic responsibilities. You have to juggle all of these and more with taking care of your living space, along with your mind, body, and soul. Deciphering what is good for you as an individual is a task in itself, because what works for one person, certainly doesn’t work for us all.

In order to make your hectic life a little easier, take a peek at these tips and tricks you can start implementing now, so you’ll be one step closer to winning at adult life.

1. Plan What You’re Going To Wear In Advance

Whether you are attending a formal ball or you are just going to work, planning your wardrobe in advance is a great way to save time, money, and energy. How many times have you panic-bought something from a store because you'd left finding an outfit to the last minute? Similarly, can you count the times you've had to order an outfit online with ridiculously expensive next day delivery? I would guess that most of us have experienced a morning fluster, when everything we wanted to wear was either dirty or needed ironing. If you have a special event coming up, make sure your outfit is planned a week before. Prepare your outfit each night before work so that you have more time in the morning and you won't be left running around like a headless chicken.

2. Invest In A Planner & Use It

It's all good and well buying yourself a gorgeous planner and having it sitting pretty, but unused, on your desk. At the start or end of your day or the beginning of your week (whichever works best for you ) sit down with your planner and focus on what you want to achieve out of each day. Write yourself a to-do list if you need to and factor in meetings, appointments, work schedules, and whatever else you think will make your life easier. I personally benefit from recording my weekly exercise routine (to keep me motivated) and planning my evening meals, so that I can arrange quick meals on nights when I'm busy and ensure my food doesn't go to waste.

3. Incorporate A Speedy Workout Into Your Morning Routine

If you're someone who enjoys exercise or you're looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, incorporate a short workout into your morning routine. This could be whatever you want, from a short yoga session found on YouTube, to a Kayla Itsines workout, to a quick run. Elizabeth Narins, Fitness and Health Editor at Cosmopolitan, discusses the pros of exercising in the morning. Aside from starting the day fuelled with endorphins, Narins says, "When you make exercise a regular part of your a.m. routine, though you'll be less likely to skip it for other obligations. (Your friend will pretty much never move her birthday party to 7 a.m.) And once you get used to moving first thing in the morning, studies suggest that the body adjusts and might even surpass its afternoon performance peak." So do your workout, reap the benefits, and you won't have to worry about fitting it in later in the day.

4. Take A Packed Lunch To Work

Sure, you'll have to set a little time aside the night before or the morning of the day you need your lunch, but in the long run, I believe taking a packed lunch to work will make your life easier. You'll be less likely to eat unhealthier foods, you won't have to queue in your dinner hour, plus you'll probably save yourself money by making your own lunch in advance, because you won't be tempted by expensive convenience foods.

5. Clean The Shower While You’re In It

Instead of having to make extra time in your schedule to fit in cleaning your shower, adhere to this quick cleaning hack and clean the shower while you're in it. Invest in a cheap squeegee which you can utilize to clean tiles and shower glass with ease and it'll probably cut down how often you need to give it a deep clean.

6. Keep Important Toiletries In All Of Your Handbags

Keep sanitary items stashed in all of your handbags and purses, so that you'll never be caught in a sticky situation when you get a surprise visit from Aunt Flo again!

7. Keep A Small “Makeup Essentials Pouch” In Your Current Handbag

You may already carry around your favorite lipstick or a powder compact in your handbag, but you can simplify this even further. Grab a small makeup pouch or unused pencil case which you have lying around and store your makeup essentials inside. Obviously everyone will have different items which they class as "essentials," but for example, mine would include: lip balm, mascara, foundation, blush, a red lipstick, and an eyeliner. These are the items which I use frequently and often form the base of my look. Whenever you swap handbags, make sure to put your pouch inside your new handbag, so you'll always be prepared for impromptu drinks after work or mornings when you wake up late and have to do your makeup on the subway. You might also wish to add a travel size deodorant and a small pack of baby wipes into your pouch, so that you can freshen up in a moment's notice.

8. Order Some Business Cards

Instead of scrawling down your number on a napkin for a potential client, boss, date, or pal give them a business card instead. This way you'll look super professional, prepared, and you won't have to worry so much about them misplacing it or not being able to read your handwriting. Vista Print's business cards are super customizable and they have really good deals, while MOO business cards can be ordered in contemporary shapes and styles, plus MOO have a high quality Luxe Business Cards range.

9. Compile A Vast Umbrella Collection

When discussing tips on how to slay being an adult, fellow Bustler Gabrielle Moss shared a wonderful rainy day hack, which is forever locked in my memory bank due to its awesomeness. Moss recommended buying umbrellas in bulk, so you're never caught without one and so you can lend one to a friend, instead of being squished together underneath one trying to navigate the sidewalk. Gabrielle said, "Take three of your umbrellas to work and leave two at home." Therefore all your bases will be covered and you'll never have to buy an expensive umbrella when you're already soaked again.

Make these tiny changes today to hack your way to a simpler life.

Images: Pexels (5); LondonScout/Unsplash; Melissa, BetterLiving, GeoffreyFranklin/Flickr