Why You Need To Own A Pair Of White Vans

First there was Alex from Target, but now it's all about Damn Daniel and his fresh white Vans. If you haven't seen the viral video yet, I highly suggest you take a peek at what's currently the most popular meme on every social outlet. However, let me just warn you — you might watch it on repeat more than one or two times, because it's just too damn funny.

ICYMI, this Internet sensation was created by two high school boys from Riverside when they decided to create a video that involved one of them hyping up their friend Daniel Lara's swag and fashion sense. What does his fashion sense include? Jeans, khaki pants, hoodies, T-shirts, and yes, white Vans — pretty much ultimate outfit goals for any high school bro.

After a whopping 330,000 retweets, a guest appearance on Ellen, and a lifetime supply of Vans, Daniel Lara and his friend Josh have become quite the talk of the Interwebs. There's even a remixed song — that's when you know you've officially made it. I can't even go a day without saying "Back at it again with the white Vans." Sorry that I'm not sorry.

At the heart of the viral video, however, are his shoes and I have to say, Daniel and Josh are on to something. Sure, Josh's voice is quite comical and Daniel Lara's outfit would make any high school teenage girl squeal, but I think we're all forgetting the main reason why this video is so damn good: the classic, timeless pair of white Vans sneakers.

Growing up, all I remember was wanting to own a pair, because it was what all the cool kids wore. It makes me laugh out loud now that my younger sister is asking me to buy her a pair. But damn Daniel, I can't resist — now I want to buy a pair for myself again. I know I'm not alone. Here are eight reasons you should own white Vans sneakers:

They’re Timeless

Vans Canvas Sk8-Hi, $60, Vans

Ten years ago, white Vans sneakers were definitely a thing, and now they've become an even bigger thing. I think we can all agree that Vans is a staple brand for any kid growing up, whether you're a skater or not, because they look good with any outfit.

You Can Dress Them Up

Timur Emek/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One of my favorite things to do is match dresses with sneakers, and yes, white Vans definitely works for this. You can pair your babydoll, bodycon, or maxi dresses with these sneakers, and still look and feel amazing.

You Can Dress Them Down

There's nothing better than having a lazy fashion day and wearing a casual sweater and jeans with your Vans. The options are pretty much endless.

You Can Wear Them For Any Occassion

I didn't think that you could wear white Vans to a wedding, but I was SO wrong. Case in point: this kick-ass couple.

They Match With Everything

My favorite pair of sneakers currently are my white Chuck Taylors simply because they match with literally every outfit I wear. Since all I wear is black, it adds some brightness to my look. Perhaps I should pick up a fresh new pair of white Vans though...

They're Really Comfortable

I remember my pair of white Vans being the most comfortable shoes I ever bought. Whether I was running, skateboarding, hanging out with friends, I knew I could always count on my white Vans to help get me through the day — in style.

They Look Good On Everyone

Know this: Vans can be worn by anyone at any age. They're like a blank canvas. You can make them your own and style them up however you like, no matter how old you are.

They Can Be An Ice Breaker

Other than people yelling "Back at it again with the white Vans" at you everywhere you turn, it can also be a really cool ice breaker when you're out and about at social functions. Just show off your white Vans and people will get it — trust.

Brb while I go hit up the mall and pretend to be a high-schooler again. Back at it again with the white Vans!

Images: Courtesy of Brands