Why Your Date Location Matters More Than You Think

According to new data from Foursquare and check-ins on Swarm, where you go on a date says a lot. Certain places are more romantic than others, while others are strictly platonic, as in you better steer clear if you’re looking for love. There are also those spots that fall smack dab in the middle, which can make one wonder if they’re even on a date or not.

The compiled data from the two apps spread a couple dozen possible date spots across a matrix, breaking them down by gender and romantic versus platonic. What it found is that if your date takes you to a pool hall, you’re probably in the friendzone, whereas if you and your date hit up a speakeasy then that might give you an instant clue as to what’s on their mind: Sex and romance. Why? Because according to the matrix the most romantic spot frequented by men the most are speakeasies, with Angel Share in the East Village in New York, supposedly being the “sexiest” speakeasy in the country. (Note to self: Go there tomorrow.)

But that’s just the beginning to this motley crew of possible date spots. Here are seven other interesting stats that will let you know what dates mean what.

1. Farmers' Markets Are The Most Ambiguous Spots For A Date

Who doesn’t love a farmers’ market? You get things fresh out of the garden, totally organic, and the best part is that there are always more than enough samples to consume. It seems like a fantastic place for a date, according to my belly and I. However, based on the the data by Foursquare and check-ins on Swarm, this spot falls exactly in the middle of the matrix. What this means, is that if it’s early in a relationship, you may find yourself wondering exactly where things are headed while you’re sampling artisanal cheeses.

2. Restaurants Fall On The Romantic End of Things

Well, if it doesn’t get more platonic than pool halls, then of course the exact opposite ― restaurants ― would be considered “romantic.” The most romantic restaurants are French ones, because bien sûr, but paella restaurants, and fondue restaurants also make the cut. Sushi restaurants also fall fairly close to romantic for more men than women, which, according to findings from Match, is the food most likely to lead to a second date.

3. Stay Away From Corporate Cafeterias & Airport Lounges If You’re Looking For Love

Not only are pool halls on the list as “purely platonic,” but so are airport lounges, corporate cafeterias (I feel this is beyond obvious for some reason), bike shops, and ― wait for it ― burrito places. WTF. Burrito places sound like the ideal date spots to me! Nothing says love like a gas-inducing bean burrito, dammit!

4. Women Like To Keep It Casual With Cupcake Shops

According to the data, when it comes to purely platonic dates, at least in the eyes of women, cupcake shops are the places to go… and CamiCakes in Atlanta, Georgia appears to be getting the most check-ins of all the cupcake shops out there. So, if you date women, beware of what this might mean: You’ve been friendzoned, buddy!

5. The Single Ladies Are At Cycle Studios

Surely not every woman likes cycling, but according the matrix, if you’re looking for a place to go to impress women, there’s no place quite like cycle studios. And, with 387 cycle studios in the United States, that gives you quite a few options.

6. Hookah Bars & Wineries Are Also Confusing Date Spots

Although the most ambiguous date spot is a farmers’ market, hookah bars, ramen restaurants, and wineries also fall under the “WTF does this date mean?" category. Living within a block of like three hookah bars that are always empty, I can see why these date spots might throw someone for a loop ― they’re dark, they smell weird, and you look like a damn caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland while smoking away, which, honestly, is only a good look for him.

7. Piers Are Your Best Bet For A "Romantic" View

Because the data was compiled on how many mentions of “romantic,” “candlelight,” and “intimate” were thrown into these check-ins, where things get really cozy are on piers with their “romantic” views. Hunting Beach Pier in California apparently gets the most of these check-ins, but that’s not to say that the nearest pier to you isn’t romantic in its own way. Basically, if you’re looking to let your date know you’re really into them, that’s where you want to go.

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