Kylie's Orange Lip Kit Is Almost Here

Another big day in Kylie Lip Kit history has arrived. The orange Kylie Lip Kit, dubbed "22," goes on sale today, Feb. 29. What a great way to celebrate Leap Year, which comes around every four years. The Kylie Lip Kits have proven super difficult to get, as the launches and restocks sell out near-instantly. Yes, I managed to snag a Candy K Lip Kit earlier this month and I love it. I'm going to try and grab a Koko K Lip Kit today, as well. What time should you and I plan to attempt to purchase the new Kylie Lip Kit shade and the other shades in the restock?

Well, according to Jenner's app, the new Lip Kits will go on sale at 3 p.m. PST, which means 6 p.m. EST. So make a reminder in your smart phone now —go ahead, I'll wait— so you can try and shop these makeup unicorns at the proper time. Hopefully, Jenner and her team have manufactured enough supply to meet the major demand for the matte liquid lipsticks. You can shop the suede-like lipsticks via the Kylie Cosmetics site.

In addition to the fresh, bold hue, 22 is breaking with the brand's tradition so far, since all six of the previous Lip Kit colors have a "K" at the end of the name. Is this KLK named after a Taylor Swift song? Probably not, but whatever!

Have you seen the shade yet?

It's rich and unique, that's for sure. It's autumnal in its vibe but you can pretty much wear it whenever and look perfectly pouty-lipped. I bet it'll look hawt when popping against golden, spray-tanned skin.

It's probably the most different shade of the bunch. While Mary Jo K in all its "look at me" red glory is pretty unforgettable, it is a classic red. Orange is a bit more "out of the box."

Speaking of boxes, the dripping lips graphic is quickly becoming iconic.

I am certainly interested in learning why Jenner chose "22" as the name for this particular shade.

But here is what we actually know. I already know the KLKs are awesome because of my hands-on experience with using them. Collectively, we also know that they are cruelty-free and mostly vegan, save for one shade. We can bank on some crazy hysteria at the end of the day on the East Coast and in the mid-afternoon on the West Coast. Good luck in snagging a Kylie Lip Kit.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (3)