'90s Accessories 'Fuller House' Can't Let Go Of

The premiere of Fuller House has brought back all the things we loved about the original TV series when it first debuted — — including the somewhat embarrassing yet still amazing outfits. Even with the reboot taking place in 2016, it's clear that there are some '90s accessories Fuller House just can't let go of. From floral hair clips to wide, stretchy belts, no matter how far in the future we get, these accessories clearly stand the test of time for this series.

While I don't think we'd see anyone walking around wearing these accessories today, it's clear that the costume designers on set at Fuller House wanted to keep '90s trends somewhat involved in the reboot. While mini shoulder purses may not be hot in 2016, they were all the rage back in the '90s. Even though the characters' wardrobes got modern updates, there's no doubting the '90s influence is still there. I wouldn't exactly advise rocking plastic gummy bracelets today, but the following accessories definitely give the show that '90s era touch it needs to satisfy original fans.

So, here are 9 totally '90s accessories you'll spot on Fuller House. Some of them are cute, some of them hold dear memories, and some of them are probably best left in the '90s. Even so, they work perfectly in Fuller House. Ready for a trip down memory lane?

1. Mini Shoulder Purse

The '90s were all about mini shoulder bags in sparkling fabrics. So it only makes sense that Ramona, Kimmy's daughter, would rock one. While her pink dress certainly caused a stir, I was focused more on her purse because I had one exactly like it back in the '90s. Ahh, what a great time it was for accessories.

2. Scrunchies

The '90s was the decade of the scrunchie, and I don't about you, but it isn't exactly the look I'm going for these days. Of course Kimmy is still rocking the look on Fuller House. And, surprisingly, she somehow makes it work.

3. Floral Hair Clip

Floral hair clips are almost as bad as scrunchies in the hair accessories department, but Kimmy wore one for Fuller House and worked it in with her fun ensemble. Her eclectic style works well with the loud, eye-catching hair clip.

4. Dudes In Jewelry

I remember seeing guys in the '90s rock shell necklaces, beaded bracelets, and even wear hemp anklets all the time. Clearly, this was something Fuller House was going to hold on to, since they dressed these two hunks in bracelets and necklaces. You really can't get more '90s than seeing the heartthrob in beads!

5. Paper Mache Earrings

Ahh, Kimmy. Your colorful, fun style was bound to get on this list more than a couple of times — and this time it's for those adorable paper mache statement earrings. Even though accessories like these are super '90s, they're still super cute.

6. Bright Colored Tights

As Kimmy's daughter, it's only natural for Ramona to have some killer style. She rocked bright blue tights under a casual outfit in the scene pictured above. The brightly colored tights are a small yet notable nod to the '90s.

7. Big Rings

Stephanie's style in Fuller House has definitely been quite chic and feminine, but even she'll rock a '90s accessory from time to time. That includes this big statement ring!

8. Bangles

The jingle jangle of bangles only means one thing: a '90s revival! For a girls' night out scene, Kimmy looked gorgeous in a purple dress but kept it '90s with those sparkling bangles. I wouldn't expect anything less!

9. Bib Necklace

And finally, it's Kimmy again with yet another '90s accessory: the bib necklace. What's even more interesting about her take on it in Fuller House is that she wears it over her blouse and under her collar.

Don't be surprised if you see these '90s accessories and others on Fuller House.

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Images: Netflix