These Videos Show Exactly What Consent Is

We've seen some creative attempts over the years that try to demonstrate what exactly consent is, but I think this one might take the cake. In a new series of videos, Project Consent demonstrates consent simply and clearly using some hilarious animated body parts, including a hand, a butt, and a boob. Their explanation of consent is straightforward and to the point: "If it's not yes, it's no" — essentially what we mean when we say "enthusiastic consent." The non-profit group has added a bit of humor and levity to a topic that is otherwise rather heavy, but still unabashedly makes the point we all need to get through our heads: Consent is not complicated . And there's nothing quite like using an anthropomorphic breast to get that point across.

The videos feature these cartoonish body parts dancing, laughing, and generally having a lovely time together. Then, when one body part makes a sexual advance toward the other, the behavior stops immediately when the recipient expresses that they do not want it — no ifs, ands, or buts. The exchange requires no further discussion or explanation, driving home the fact that consent is not messy. It's easy to understand if we all just listen to each other.

While this whole conversation might seem frivolous, we still have many valid reasons to believe that there is still some confusion regarding consent. For example, 18 percent of college students think that sex is consensual as long as the other person doesn't say no.

But while this might be the most obvious objection to sex, it certainly isn't the only one. It's possible to not say no and still have it be rape. It's why not just consent, but enthusiastic consent is so important.

What's more, the issue isn't only people who commit the crime of rape. It's also people who are unknowingly making a partner uncomfortable and need to be better educated on consent. Combining all of these people together makes for an overwhelming number who experience unwanted sexual contact. In college alone, 33.1 percent of women go through this.

If nothing else, Project Consent's video campaign offers a firm, non-negotiable reminder that there are no excuses: No means no. Watch the full videos by clicking on the tweets below, and find out more about Project Consent here.

Images: Andrew Zaeh for Bustle; Giphy