15 Plus Size David Bowie Clothes You Need To Keep Celebrating The Goblin King — PHOTOS

Showing off your music tastes through your clothing is pretty common practice. Personally, my mom's collection of '80s David Bowie T-shirts always left me feeling envious as a child. And now more than ever is the perfect time to celebrate Bowie's legacy. So where can you buy plus size Bowie clothing?

After experiencing the passing of such an icon, it's only natural to want to commemorate not just his music legacy, but Bowie's influence on our style, tastes, and lives at large. Not all of us are comfortable throwing on a simple band tee, though, so finding plus size Bowie clothing that suits all our different styles is a must.

At the end of the day, I'm sure Ziggy Stardust would want us to celebrate our overall individuality just as much as he influenced our perceptions of style. Even if you choose to opt for a hidden pair of Bowie panties under your favorite rockabilly dress, at least you know that you're paying homage to an icon through a medium that he was well known for: that style.

If none of these appeal to you, why not dress up as the legend for your next costume party? Or perhaps a David Bowie tattoo might be more suited to your preferences. Until then, check out these amazing plus size David Bowie pieces.

1. David Meowie

David Meowie Unisex Tee, $25, Redbubble

What I love about Redbubble is that the designs featured are so often available in extended sizes. In this case, the tee can be made up to a 3XL and is available in 18 colors. This cat motif Bowie is a cute pun and combines your feline obsession with your music tastes.

2. Labyrinth's Jareth Bralette

Labyrinth Jareth Bralet, $26, Etsy

This too-cute bralette, available up to a size 3XL, could be worn as a crop top on its own or under your clothing, but the homage to Labyrinth is one I absolutely adore.

3. Labyrinth Dance Tank Top

Labyrinth Dance Tank Top, $24, Hot Topic

Here we have another shout-out to Labyrinth (aka one of the best films ever). The casual tank top, available up to size 3XL, is more traditionally feminine than a T-shirt but still super casual.

4. Life On Mars Eyes

David Bowie's Eyes, $25, Redbubble

This simple graphic design is super eye-catching, and also available up to a men's 3XL.

5. Goblin King Tank Top

Goblin King Tank Top, $34, Torrid

This is a bit of a bittersweet message, but a poignant one nontheless. Bowie will live forever in our memories and in our clothing. This particular tank is available up to a size 5XL.

6. "Ziggy Stardust" Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Ziggy Stardust Long Sleeve T-Shirt, $16, Etsy

It's a more casual tee with a comfy long sleeve that's perfect for the chilly weather many of us are still experiencing as we approach spring. You can get this one up to a 3XL.

7. David Bowie Orange Hair T-Shirt

David Bowie Orange Hair T-Shirt, $20, Hot Topic

That hair is so iconic to Bowie that you just have to represent it on one of these graphic tees. Get this one up to a men's 3XL.

8. David Bowie Leggings

David Bowie Leggings, $45, Etsy

If you're not one for a bold T-shirt design, these leggings, which come in sizes XS through 3XL, are the perfect shout-out to that infamous Aladdin Sane cover.

9. "Let's Dance" Tee

Let's Dance Tee, $26, Redbubble

Test your bestie's Bowie knowledge with this lyrical tee that's available up a size 3XL.

10. Labyrinth's Jareth Panties

Labyrinth's Jareth Panties, $26, Etsy

This is the perfect pair of underwear to sport with your Labyrinth bralette, and it'll reveal whether you're dating the right person depending on their reaction. If they don't like your panties? Dump 'em!

11. David Bowie Lights Tee

David Bowie Lights Tee, $20, Hot Topic

The lighting effect on this T-shirt, sold in sizes up to 3XL, is so cool. Plus, it properly highlights the super-stardom of David Bowie.

12. David Bowie Garter

David Bowie Labyrinth Garter, $40, Etsy

Planning a wedding, or just really into lingerie? Cop this gorgeous garter, available in custom sizes upon request and with your own choice of lace color and charm. It's a personalized Bowie clothing keepsake.

13. Bowie's Legs Tee

David Bowie's Legs Tee, $25, Redbubble

This is another classic, iconic Bowie look transformed into a cool print and then transformed into a cooler T-shirt. Get it in sizes up to a 3XL.

14. David Bowie Patch Leggings

David Bowie Tribute Leggings, $45, Etsy

The patchwork effect on these leggings celebrates so many different eras of Bowie, so you don't have to choose just one. They're also available up to a size 4XL.

15. "Ziggy Stardust" T-Shirt

Ziggy Stardust T-Shirt, $22, Hot Topic

This gorgeous black and white image of David Bowie from the "Ziggy Stardust" tour makes for a simple but effective tee, and is available up to size 2XL.

Obviously you're no less of a David Bowie fan if your wardrobe isn't chock full of items like these. But nonetheless, it's still fun to represent your love of something through your wardrobe. There's hopefully something here for all plus size styles, so get your Bowie on and show off your amazing musical and clothing tastes.

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Images: Courtesy Brands