Commemorate David Bowie In These Awesome Pieces

Today I woke up, remembered that Bowie left us on Jan. 10, and sank back into sorrow. It doesn't seem real that the world could have lost such a beautifully creative mind. For me, commemorating David Bowie is of utmost importance. And one way we can show our respect and mourn the death of such a unique and talented individual is through sporting David Bowie fashion and beauty items.

One of my favorite things about Bowie is that he didn't let anyone or anything define his personal style or character. Bowie embraced his uniqueness, which you could even say made him a body positive role model. He didn't care if he wasn't prescribing to modern day's societal beliefs of what was thought to constitute beauty. Sometimes he'd look like a glam rocker, other times a 1950s business man, or occasionally an androgynous alien. His style was ever-changing and, IMO, he was the most effervescent musician to ever roam the galaxy.

I know I will be remembering David Bowie by wearing his likeness on every inch of my body. He spoke for so many of us and helped pave the way for a future where we are all free to show our true selves. If that's not worth taking with us, I don't know what is.

1. The Retro Tee

Music Series Ringer Tee, $39,

Travel back in time with this vintage-inspired Bowie logo tee.

2. The Denim Jacket

Handpainted David Bowie Jacket, $185,

Slip this denim jacket over everything you own to remember Bowie 24/7.

3. The Guitar Pick Pendant

David Bowie — Space Oddity Guitar Pick Necklace, $15,

Never have there been more relevant lyrics to wear around your neck at this tragic time than the ones from "Space Oddity," stamped on this poignant pendant.

4. The World Tour T-Shirt

David Bowie 1972 World Tour Print Junior's Fitted Cut Tee Shirt, $21.98,

Look back to the beginning of Bowie's career in this 1972 Bowie World Tour-inspired T-shirt.

5. The Lightening Bolt Earrings

David Bowie Silver Earrings, $88.27,

The iconic lightening bolt makeup was one of Bowie's signature looks. If you can't get away with wearing the full beauty look for work, put on these earrings instead.

6. The David Bowie Tattoo

Tattify David Bowie Temporary Tattoo — Labyrinth (Set Of 2,) $4.99,

Wear this temporary tattoo wherever your heart desires to make a subtle or loud statement.

7. The Striking Lightening T-Shirt

T-Shirt By Librastyle, $28.72,

Sometimes less is more and this striking tee featuring Aladdin Sane's lightening bolt proves it.

8. The Rebellious Pencil Skirt

Bowie Pencil Skirt, $37.48,

If you're a fashion rebel like Bowie, make it clear with this red and white pencil skirt.

9. The Bowie Bow

David Bowie Hair Bow, $28,

Add some pizazz to your hairdo with a quirky Bowie-print hair bow.

10. The Nail Art

36 David Bowie Nail Transfers, $5.22,

Make sure that even your mani-pedi is rocking some Bowie vibes with these cool nail transfers.

11. The Timepiece

David Bowie Watch, $27.50,

Now you can look upon his beautiful face whenever you wish. Because unlike our favorite starman, we all still exist in this time-bound realm.

12. The Rainbow Backpack

Large Size David Bowie Printing Backpack, $45.99,

David Bowie stood for so many of us, no matter our race, gender, or anything else. This colorful backpack makes a fitting tribute.

13. The Glitter Pin

Let's Dance — David Bowie Lapel Pin, $3.50,

Bowie was a man who sparkled, so this heart-shaped pin that makes a nod toward his song "Let's Dance" is perfect.

14. The Aladdin Sane Scarf

Aladdin Sane Scarf, $42,

Keep away the winter chill in this David Bowie print scarf.

15. The Face Tattoo

Tattify Bowie Temporary Tattoo — Stardust (Set Of 2,) $4.99,

Turn your body into a work of art with this half face temporary tattoo.

16. The Changes Scarf

Ch-ch-ch-changes Scarf, $35,

This monochrome scarf featuring the lyrics to "Changes" is sure to complement any outfit.

17. The Goblin King Tee

Labyrinth Jareth And Sarah Dance Girls T-Shirt, $22.50,

Pay homage to arguably the best movie of David Bowie's acting career: Labyrinth.

18. The "Heroes" Bracelet

We Can Be Heroes Stamped Bracelet, $17.95,

Remind yourself of your inner strength every time you look at this bracelet containing lyrics to "Heroes."

19. The Tote

Long Live Tote Bag, $19.55,

Carry around your belongings in this wonderfully simple tote bag that shares a powerful message.

Wherever you are, starman, I hope we can continue to show you all the love and respect you deserve. We miss you.

Images: Courtesy Brands