'PLL' Could Bring Someone Back To Life... Again

by Rosie Narasaki

On Pretty Little Liars, characters are never really dead. First, there was Ali herself, then there was Mona. And when Alison made her grand reappearance in Season 4, she greeted the Liars by saying, "did you miss me?" which just so happens to be the title of Tuesday night's episode. Could that be a clue that someone is coming back from the dead on Pretty Little Liars... Again?

There are a few ways certain characters could "come back to life." Maybe, like Ali and Mona, they were never really dead to begin with. Or perhaps their mysterious reappearance could be due to some twin trickery — showrunner I. Marlene King did confirm on Twitter that a twin will be appearing, and who's to say it's not the twin of a previously thought dead character? And if it is a twin of a previously presumed dead character, you can bet there'll be some Parent Trap-style switcheroos going on.

Plus, there are basically no holds barred on this show — no matter how dead the characters may seem, there's always a sliver of hope that they're still alive. After all, Ali was confirmed dead by numerous official hospital and police reports, and we actually saw Mona's glassy-eyed "corpse" in the trunk of a car. If they can be resurrected, pretty much anyone can. Here are the thought-dead characters who are most likely to come back in "Did You Miss Me?"

Charlotte DiLaurentis

In a lot of ways, Charlotte's death mirrors Ali's. Both murders were ridiculously mysterious — mysterious enough to jumpstart a series and catalyze A into going after the Liars. Could all of the similarities be a clue that, like Ali, Charlotte isn't really dead?

There are also a lot of ways she could return to the show. I'm hoping she's not the one with a twin, because I think we can agree that we've all reached our saturation point as far as DiLaurentis family drama is concerned (at least for now). Maybe, though, it has something to do with her relationship with the ever-shady Dr. Wren. If the two were in contact during the time jump, it's definitely possible that they hatched some sort of sinister plan to fake her death. For more Charlotte theories, check out Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave.

Bethany Young

One of the most popular PLL theories currently making its rounds is the idea that Sara Harvey could be Bethany Young's evil twin — or vice versa. Either way, chances are high that one twin has killed the other and has assumed their identity. It's a plot that would mirror nicely with the books, plus it fits in with the creepy blonde twins from Ali's Halloween story.

Of course, there are some quibbles with their mismatched ages (not to mention their differing last names and upbringings), but there's nothing a show like Pretty Little Liars couldn't handily explain away.

Nicole Gordon

Ezra's humanitarian girlfriend may be missing, but if we know PLL, there's almost no way she's actually dead. It's very likely that she'll be rescued and return to Rosewood just in time for Aria and Ezra start up a secret affair behind Aria's new boyfriend Liam's back. Sound about right?

Jessica DiLaurentis

Though the Seaosn 6A finale revealed that Charlotte buried her mother, we still don't know who actually killed Mrs. DiLaurentis. Maybe that's because she isn't actually dead. And, hey, even if she is actually dead, Jessica has long been one of the favorite candidates for twinship — after all, it would explain why there are so many blonde girls running around who look and act so much like Ali.

You can take basically any presumed-dead character from Pretty Little Liars and argue that they'll come back. It could be any of the above, plus other mysterious characters like Detectives Wilden and Garrett, Maya St. Germain, Ian Thomas, and Shana Fring. Just be prepared to see a familiar face make a sudden return on Tuesday night.

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