Get A Matte Makeup Look Without Using Powder

Step away from the powder. While you may think it's the only way to achieve a matte finish, there are plenty of ways to mattify your skin without using a powder. Why put on more makeup if you don't have too? The secret to a matte complexion is all in the prep work. By focusing on your skin care routine prior to your makeup application, you can achieve both an airbrushed finish and long-lasting results. What more could a makeup lover ask for?

While luminous, dewy skin is always on-trend, sometimes a girl just wants a matte complexion. Whether you have oily skin or just prefer the finish, matte makeup does look flawless on most skin types. However, getting that finish didn't always seem so easy. The old solution for a flawless skin was always to layer on powder, and then blot away oil. Not any more! Instead, if you layer your skin care and primers properly, then you can have that doll-like finish that every Instagram model seems to have. So, go ahead, and ditch your powder. You won't be needing it. Here are seven ways to get a matte complexion without using any powder.

1. Get Creative

Phillips Milk Of Magnesia, $7, Amazon

When it comes to battling oily skin, sometimes you have to get creative. According to, dabbing small amounts of milk of magnesia before applying your makeup will help to keep you shine-free all day long. Apparently, the liquid contains many oil-fighting ingredients that help to keep shine at bay. So, if you have extremely oily skin, and crave a matte finish, then you may need to head to the drugstore.

2. Spritz Away The Oil

LUSH Grease Lightening, $15, Lush USA

Stop oil in its tracks by using this tea-tree infused cleanser each morning before applying your makeup. According to The Huffington Post, tea-tree oil is amazing at wicking away oil, and fighting off signs of acne before they emerge. Spritzing a few squirts of this cleanser along your T-Zone is an easy way to prep your skin for a matte finish.

3. Choose A Mattifying Primer

Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional Matte Rescue, $31, Amazon

Banish pores, mattify your skin, and prep your skin for makeup with in one simple step. By using a mattifying primer before you apply your makeup, you can help keep oil at bay, while locking in your foundation. It's a win-win!

4. Blot Before Your Makeup

Mireya Acierto/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After applying your moisturizer, lay a tissue flat on your face, and blot away any excess moisture. According to Elle, this trick will pick up any excess product from the skin, and allow your face to have a more matte appearance prior to makeup application.

5. You Are What You Eat


Spicy foods and alcohol can actually dilate the blood vessels, and cause you to sweat, according to Sweating up a storm obviously takes away from your perfect matte finish. Instead, turn to foods that slow oil production like carrots, cantaloupe, and spinach.

6. Matte Moisture

Clinique Stay-Matte Hydrator, $39, Amazon

Regardless of the rumors, oily skin does indeed need lots of moisture. Keep your skin hydrated and matte all day long by reaching for a mattifying moisturizer. This will help to keep your skin looking and feeling its best without piling on extra makeup.

7. Foundation Application

Sigma Foundation Brush, $24, Amazon

The way you apply your foundation can even effect the finish of your skin. According to makeup artist Dora Salgado in an interview with, “Apply foundation with a round, flat-topped brush in a circular motion to diffuse foundation evenly and create an airbrushed effect."

And there you have it, matte skin without the trouble of powder falling everywhere.

Images: Pexels (1); Courtesy Brands