Here's How Happy People Have Sex

March 20 is International Day of Happiness, which is very exciting news for those who want a day to celebrate being happy — or, for the pessimists out there, not being totally miserable. According to a new study by Match, the key to happiness is — wait for it — working out. You were really thinking it was going to be love, didn’t you? Don’t worry; we’ll get to that in a minute.

Match searched through mounds of data from their Singles in America studies to figure out what makes people happy. Is it where they live? Spending time with friends? Being in love? Great sex? Or getting the whole pizza for yourself? Unsurprisingly, there’s no one thing that makes people happy, but rather a combination of things that all add up to making someone happy.

But, and I’m sure anyone who’s ever had sex will agree, while location and pizza do make for one happy little devil, so does sex. Sex is one of the great things you can do for yourself in regards to getting your mind and body healthy, both of which lead to happiness. So if you don’t live in El Paso (the happiest city in the States) or you’re not a fan of hitting up the gym, as long as you have sex you can still have a happy existence.

Here are six facts about happiness and sex:

1. Daily Sex Makes You Happier Than Weekly Sex

Although previous studies found that sex once a week is the ideal, according to Match’s Singles in America, when it comes to happiness, people are happiest having sex once a day. For those who have sex every day, they’re 187 percent more likely to be happy than those who are only having it once a week.

2. A Dry Spell Does Nothing For Your Happiness

While I would beg to differ, because masturbation is sometimes more satisfying than sex, the study found that singles in a year-long dry spell are 525 percent more likely to be unhappy than those getting it on every day. Although is it really fair to compare daily sex to a year-long dry spell? Not really. But, just for the record, dry spells can negatively affect your body.

3. One-Night Stands Aren’t Exactly The Key To Happiness

Again, this is based on Match’s study, since we already know that for some people a one-night stand is great. That being said, for every one-night stand you have a year, your happiness is decreased by 14 percent, if you’re a woman and 6 percent, if you’re a man. I think what this really means is that you should know if you’re ready for a one-night stand, before jumping into one just of the sake of getting laid.

4. The More You Think About Sex, The Less Happy You Are

Although what constitutes “several times a day” differs from person to person, those who think about sex several times a day are 74 percent less likely to be happy than those who only think about sex a few times a year. Which leads me to ask the question: Who are these people who only think about sex a few times a year? Do they not have access to the media?! Where are they living and will they have me over for tea so I can pick their brain?!

5. Waiting Until The Fifth Date For Sex Seems To Be The Sweet Spot For Happiness

According to the survey, waiting to have sex is a good idea. If you wait until the fifth date to have sex, you’re 35 percent more likely to be happy than if you were to go to hook up with someone on the first date. However, if you’re of the belief that it’s best to get in there and try out the goods before agreeing to a second date, then that throws the whole fifth date theory out the window, you're certainly not alone — and you do you.

6. There Are Still Those Who Wait Until They’re Engaged To Have Sex (And They May Be Happier For It)

While the idea of someone waiting until an engagement to have sex might be a bit mind-boggling for some of us, there are those who wait and they have a 132 percent greater chance of happiness than those who have sex before they’re engaged, according to the survey. I guess, at that point, there’s still a chance to run, if you find that you and your partner aren’t sexually compatible. Love doesn’t necessarily mean sexual compatibility and vice versa.

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