New 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Photo Shows Logan Possibly In Stars Hollow, So What Does This Mean For Rory?

The first photo of Matt Czuchry on the set of the Gilmore Girls revival has surfaced, and here's a huge shocker: It looks like Logan could be back in Stars Hollow. Granted, the photo is a posed one with Czuchry standing alongside long time Gilmore Girls background player Rich DiDonato, (who has played Eddie the mailman, a random dad, and other characters on the show in the past), but if you take a look behind them, the set appears to be the Stars Hollow set.

Why is this important? Because Logan would only have one reason to visit Stars Hollow... and that reason is Rory.

With evidence of a Rory and Logan reunion piling up by the day, even this tiny hint is important. Previous revival spoilers have already revealed Logan will reunite with his Life & Death Brigade buddies in the finale episode "Fall," and his father, Mitchum (aka, the man who crushed Rory's dreams), is returning as well. That's a whole lot of Logan news, my friends, and if nothing else, it indicates his role in the revival is going to be a sizable one. The former playboy is back in Rory's life, but is he back in her hometown too? Take a look at the photo and decide for yourself.

If you look at the object just right of DiDonato's ear — hey, this is serious sleuthing business! — it appears to be the chuppah Luke built for Lorelai. As all Gilmore Girls fans know, the chuppah resides in Lorelai's yard. Now, if that is the chuppah and Czuchry was filming in front of the Gilmore house, or anywhere else in town, then he and Rory have definitely rekindled their relationship in some way. Could it be platonic? Maybe, but then why is the revival focusing so heavily on Logan's friends and family? If Rory and Logan are just friends, he could drop by Stars Hollow to invite Rory to an event (like say an upcoming wedding?) but given how much Logan revival news there has been so far, it is more likely he is getting reacquainted with the Gilmore family.

I cannot rule out the possibility that Czuchry was just passing through the Stars Hollow set on the way to his own filming destination, of course. But, with the chuppah potentially in the background and those extras behind them looking very much ready for fall, I'm going to stick with the Logan in Stars Hollow theory. If Logan is in Stars Hollow in time for fall, then you can bet he and Rory are heading toward some sort of happily ever after.

Hey, if Lorelai isn't getting married under the chuppah, then Rory should, right?

Images: Warner Bros. Television; oywiththepoodlesalready/Tumblr