11 Fights You Had With Your Parents In The '90s

If you think your life is dramatic now, you must be forgetting your childhood, because as a kid, everything signals the end of the world. For example, we had so many fights with our parents in the '90s — and at least half the time (if not more), it was over something completely trivial, like the day your mom told you she didn't find Freddie Prinze Jr. attractive, and then you cried. (I'd still cry over this. How do you not find FPJ attractive? Seriously.)

I can remember how many times I ran up the stairs to my room, slammed the door, and threw myself on my bed in a rage of tears. I'd cry and cry and cry — eyes puffy, face flushed — all because my parents told me we weren't going to Olive Garden for dinner. Life was so hard. I'd fantasize about my best friend's parents adopting me, because they were way cooler and let her wear body glitter whenever she wanted.

I really was a little pill growing up: Argumentative, stubborn, and I'd pitch a fit anytime my mom tried to pick out my clothes for me. But I know I wasn't alone. There were a handful of fights most kids had with their parents. I'm sure you remember them.

1. "You're Ruining My Life. I Hate You."

You usually hurled this insult in response to something relatively benign, like that time your mom wouldn't let you wear your Starter jacket to church.

2. That Time You Couldn't Watch Titanic, Because Boobies

All your friends had seen it, although some of them did it behind their parents' backs. Your 'rents knew what was up, though, and they thought you were too young for Kate Winslet's bazoombas.

3. The School Picture Day Dress Code

You wanted to adorn your hair with approximately 20 butterfly clips, but your parents limited you to two. Evil. Pure evil.

4. Channeling Your Inner Cher Horowitz

Clueless brought an onslaught of knee-highs and plaid skirts — but it was the day you marched into the living room in a crop top and muttered "Whateverrrr" that your parents threatened to get thee to a nunnery.

5. That Fake Nose Ring

Your parents thought that hoop in your nostril was real until you told them to take a chill pill and pulled the thing out. After your mother regained consciousness, she called you a hooligan and sent you to your room.

6. The Day Your Rejected Your Training Bra

In a fit of rebellion, you instead opted for your sister's padded bra, plus two huge handfuls of Charmin Ultra. Your parents were genuinely displeased.

7. Before You Knew To Delete Your Search History

Your parents basically wanted to know why you were so curious about "James Van Der Beek underwear." You said it was for school. Lies. All lies.

8. Staying Up Past Your Bed Time

"Just 10 more minutes, Mom. Just 10 more. MOM. Mom. OK, just five more minutes. JUST FIVE MINUTES PLEASE MOM PLEASE OMG."

9. Hogging The Phone

This was back in the Stone Age when there was one line, one phone, and it had this weird cord thing. You'd spend hours talking to Jenny arguing why Buffy was better than Saved By The Bell .

10. Rotting In Front Of The TV

Today, we binge-watch our favorite Netflix shows. In the '90s, it was binge-watching Doug marathons on Nickelodeon. Parents despise both equally.

11. Basically Everything Else

Because we were really good at arguing about... everything.

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