Did Negan Kill Glenn On ‘The Walking Dead’? We’ll Have To Wait For That Answer

In the most hyped-up moment in recent television history, Negan finally appeared on The Walking Dead Season 6 finale and killed one of the core members of Rick's crew. Yet, with all the speculation of Negan killing Glenn on The Walking Dead, the series didn't reveal who was on the receiving end of the beating by Lucille — Negan's infamous baseball bat covered in barbed wire. In a move that could be regarded as a great mystery or a total cop out, the series didn't show who Negan beat to death with Lucille, but viewers know it could have been one of the following characters: Glenn, Maggie, Carl, Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Sasha, or Aaron. While that's a lot of people who could potentially be the victim, Glenn was the one who was killed by Negan in the comics and he did make himself known to Negan by trying to stop him from killing his pregnant wife Maggie, making Glenn a top contender for the Death by Negan prize.

Since The Walking Dead doesn't come back for Season 7 until Oct., there is still months of legitimate theorizing about who Negan killed, which is exactly what The Walking Dead wants fans to do. Once the show announced Negan would arrive in the Season 6 finale all the way back in Nov., Glenn was the frontrunner to be killed by the new nemesis. Yet, after the whole dumpster shenanigans with Glenn where he turned out to be alive after a seemingly unlivable situation, Glenn's impending death started to feel less than certain. And if you thought you'd find out Glenn's fate during the April 3 finale, you were sorely mistaken.

While I don't want Glenn to die and it would almost be too predictable at this point, there was a bit of evidence pointing to him being killed by Negan. Although Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character chose his victim with the children's nursery rhyme "Eeny, meeny, miney, mo," Glenn did scream when it looked like Negan might kill Maggie, after which Negan warned the group to not have any more outbursts. Plus, it sounded like Negan's victim was a man by the sound of his (or possibly her) grunts.

Unfortunately, in a move almost worse than just showing who died, fans will have to wait months and months for an answer. And I don't know what's more painful — Glenn dying on The Walking Dead or not knowing (again) if Glenn died on The Walking Dead.

Image: Gene Page/AMC