9 'Bachelor' Stars Who Changed Jobs Post-Show

It's well known that contestants who appear on The Bachelor/ette tend to either have super normal jobs or they show up boasting jobs that have to be made up (chicken enthusiast? Come on). There is really no happy medium in Bachelor Nation. Those jobs rarely matter once all is said and done, though. Once the final rose has been gifted, their careers tend to shift and change regardless of when they leave the house. Make a good enough impression in the mansion and you could quit your day job for a new career as an Instagram entrepreneur or a life coach. Many Bachelor Nation stars have totally different jobs after the show ends.

With the immense popularity that the franchise has garnered since its original premiere, appearing on pretty much any season can open up a number of doors. Many contestants find that they can finally have the career that they have always wanted after they leave the show. It's not a sure thing for everyone, but it's a common thread throughout the well known alums. Here is a list of former contestants that have completely changed their careers after appearing on a season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

1. Tenley Molzahn

Tenley was actually a Disney Princess once upon a time before appearing on The Bachelor. That was legitimately a perfect job for Tenley but after the show wrapped, she really found her calling as a health and wellness coach. She started Tenley's Sweet & Free Life , which is a lifestyle business that will teach clients how to live their best lives. Sign me up!

2. Jake Pavelka

Jake was a pilot before his stint as the main event on The Bachelor Season 14. Now he's busy making the rounds on reality completions and staying on television any way that he can. He has made appearances on the 10th season of DWTS, the second season of Bachelor Pad and has starred on The Bold and the Beautiful, among others.

3. Bob Guiney

Bob was a mortgage broker before his turn as the Bachelor. After his season ended he went on to host TLC's Date My House . He is currently in a couple of bands including, Band From TV which s a cover band consisting of television personalities like Greg Grunberg, Hugh Laurie and Scott Grimes. His website states that they donate proceeds from the band to charities. Pretty awesome career trajectory, Bob.

4. Ali Fedotowsky

Ali was famous for choosing her career as a sales rep for Facebook over Bachelor Jake Pavelka. Since then, she became a television personality, working at E! News as a corespondent but left in 2015. Now she has her own blog, Ali Luvs, where she posts about her pregnancy and all things Ali.

5. Ben Flajnik

Ben was a big shot in the wine business pre-Bachelor and although he hasn't left it completely, these days he is the Community Manager for a Yelp, according to his LinkedIn.

6. Andi Dorfman

Andi started out as an Assistant District Attorney, but after her Season 10 stint as The Bachelorette she left her law days behind and recently wrote a book.

7. Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlyn scored the gig as the eleventh Bachelorette and her ABC profile stated that she was a dance instructor. Nowadays, she told Inquisitr that she is basically making reality appearances for a living. Not a bad gig, if it pays the bills.

8. Emily Maynard

Emily starred in the 8th Season of The Bachelorette and came to the show as a self proclaimed stay-at-home mom. Since the show, she has transitioned to starting her own jewelry line, according to an interview with TheMuse.com. Just recently, she released a new book about her Bachelor/ Bachelorette experiences!

9. DeAnna Pappas

According to PopCrush, DeAnna started out in the real estate business. Now she is living that reality star life, starring as a host on Get Married on Lifetime and being featured on an episode of Oxygen’s Bachelorette Party. It also looks like she has taken the road much traveled by reality stars and is endorsing various products on Instagram.

It seems like some people come to some life changing realizations during their time in the Bachelor/Bachelorette mansion. The show affords most people their 15 minutes of fame, but it's the really determined ones who parlay that into success after the cameras stop rolling.