'Gilmore Girls' Star Tanc Sade Takes Fans Behind-The-Scenes Of The Revival In New Video — VIDEO

Prepare for Gilmore Girls' Tanc Sade to be your new favorite person. Sade, who plays Finn — aka one of Logan's Life & Death Brigade pals — in the Gilmore Girls revival, has posted a behind the scenes video of a mini Life & Death Brigade reunion. By now you have probably heard that the illustrious Logan Huntzburger will be in the Gilmore Girls revival along with his college pals Finn, Robert, and Colin. The boys are clearly getting the old gang back together for some reason (a wedding, perhaps?), and Sade appears to be psyched about returning to his Gilmore Girls roots.

Sadly, Tanc's video does not take you through Stars Hollow — I think it will be awhile before fans get that lucky. However, the video is taken on the Warner Brothers backlot and includes a look at Robert (Nick Holmes), who cheekily tells Tanc, "G'day mate!" It is adorable and playful in a way that will bring back all of your Life & Death Brigade feels. Who else is psyched to see these perpetual mischief makers getting in trouble again for old time's sake?

Now, of course, the part of my brain that wants to find Gilmore Girls clues everywhere desperately wants to analyze when this video was taken, but there are no clues as to which season was filming when Sade broke out his camera. There is adorableness though, so you have to take a look.

Now, just because the video doesn't offer any new clues, it doesn't mean there is zero news about the return of the Life and Death Brigade. While it seemed safe to assume the boys would only be back for one episode to hang out with Logan (Matt Czuchry is currently confirmed for two episodes of the revival), an IMDb update now lists Sade's Finn as appearing in two episodes as well. Now, IMDb is not always reliable when it comes to filming information, so this is definitely unconfirmed at this point — but, it is curious that Finn would be listed for two episodes. Could he have a larger role in the revival than anyone guessed?

The assumption so far is that the Life and Death Brigade are returning for Logan, but what if Finn and Rory have maintained some sort of connection? The Gilmore Girls revival will also take fans to a commune during one episode and if any existing character was going to take up residence at a commune my money would be on Finn. The adventurous, zen character could be the friend Rory needs to offer her a little enlightenment in the wake of Richard's death.

Either way, the Life and Death Brigade will ride again as evidenced by this amazing picture Sade posted on his Instagram — and if the script in Amy Sherman-Palladino's hand is any indication, the boys will definitely be involved in the final episode of the revival "Fall."

I love that Finn is coming back for one episode, but if he is in fact in two outings, then Logan and Rory's story just became even more intriguing than it already was.

Image: Warner Bros. Television