Did Beyonce Design Ivy Park? She Likely Had A Strong Hand In Creating The Line

The excitement around Beyonce's athleisure line with Topshop is growing rapidly as more details are revealed and the release date grows near. While the announcement of the line came along with the release date, where to shop the collection, and plenty of photos of what the clothes will look like, there's one major piece of information that still remains vague: did Beyoncé design Ivy Park herself?

While we don't know for sure to what degree Beyoncé was involved in designing the collection, something tells me Queen Bey had a pretty big part in creating the aesthetic for the line, which is scheduled to launch on April 14. At least, that's my assumption based on what we know about Ivy Park so far, including the personal message behind the name, the fact that she's a co-founder, and the very Bey-esque designs. Bustle has reached out to Beyonce's representatives and to Topshop for more information on her role in creating Ivy Park.

Considering the collection has over 200 pieces, according to Vogue, and is being sold at 12 large retail chains, and in 50 different countries across the globe, there's also a good chance Beyoncé wasn't the only person contributing. For many clothing lines, there's a team of designers that collectively helps create the looks for a label. So while those high-waisted leggings totally scream Queen Bey, they might be the product of a group effort between the superstar and a few others.

But if there's one thing the public knows about Beyoncé, it's that she puts in 110 percent no matter what. Whether she's on stage, recording a record, or even just making a red carpet appearance, Beyoncé is not one to slack, which is why I definitely think she was heavily involved in the Ivy Park designs.

Beyoncé co-founded the brand with Sir Philip Green, owner of Topshop, and I doubt Beyoncé would just put her name on something without also putting in her two cents.

It doesn't even take a Beyoncé fan to see that the designs are totally her style. The fitted bodysuits, sneakers, graphic T-shirts, and effortlessly cool ball caps are beyond chic and functional, on both a casual and athletic level. They totally seem like pieces Queen Bey would wear on her Instagram page, or even on a magazine cover (oh, wait, that already happened).

Either way, considering the way things are going, the debut collection for the line is probably going to do really well. Fans and fashionistas alike are already buzzing with excitement with still one week until the release date. Even if it wasn't designed by Beyoncé, it has her seal of approval. And let's be real, that's all we really need!

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