What Is Melissa McCarthy Doing In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival? Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino Already Gave A Hint

As Melissa McCarthy's The Boss opens in theaters on Friday, April 8, fans of Gilmore Girls are a bit distracted by some other news — McCarthy will be in the Gilmore Girls revival. The actress herself announced this official and exciting news on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which will also air on April 8, while she was promoting The Boss. The holdout for Sookie's return was due to McCarthy's understandably busy schedule since she has become a bonafide movie star since Gilmore Girls went off the air in 2007. However, as McCarthy said on Ellen, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and the showrunners were finally able to work around her schedule for the Netflix reboot. Yet, knowing how busy she is, what will McCarthy be doing in the Gilmore Girls revival?

Although this news is super fresh, Sherman-Palladino knows exactly what Lorelai's best friend Sookie will be doing when she returns to Stars Hollow. As the creator told Entertainment Weekly back in April while discussing McCarthy's potential involvement and schedule:

"We’ve just put [McCarthy being in the revival] out in the universe: We're here until May 10. I know what the scene is. I'll pre-light it for her. She can drive up, run in, shoot it, and run out. I can get her in and out in two hours. If she finds that time, I don’t care when it is, we will make it happen."

While McCarthy being in the revival is good news, her limited availability and Sherman-Palladino's comments most likely mean that Sookie will only be in one of the four 90-minute movies — and most likely only as a cameo in one scene if it will take just two hours to film. Now that McCarthy is actually involved, the plan could have changed, but if Sookie is only going to be in one scene what other scene could it be then the upcoming Gilmore Girls wedding? Although we don't know who will be getting married, we know someone definitely is getting married, whether it be Lorelai or Rory, so I can't imagine there would be a better scene for Sookie to show up in and add her own special dash of humor. (See what I did there with that chef joke?)

With the revival wrapping up filming within the next month, clues might emerge sooner rather than later on social media once McCarthy hits the set. However, until then, watch McCarthy's announcement on Ellen again and get to a-theorizing.

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