How Many People Won't Do It In Front Of Their Cat

For some people, things can be going great, hot and heavy sort of great, but if their cat walks into the room it’s all over. And according to a new survey by Arm & Hammer, 10 percent of cat owners can’t have sex in front of their cats. As someone who has a dog, I don’t blame them. I have stopped getting it on more than a few times because of Hubbell. Of course, in these situations it’s more for the safety of the male suitor; Hubbell doesn’t tolerate most human being except a select few family members.

But walking into the bedroom at the wrong time isn't the only way our pets affect our relationships. Arm & Hammer surveyed 1,001 adults, ages 18 and older, this past January to get insight into exactly what the hell is going on inside the brain of a cat owner. As a dog owner, who doesn’t get the who the cat thing, I was impressed to see that of those surveyed the stinkiness and dirtiness of cats is a legit concern, that most people admit that cat litter stinks to high heaven, and 71 percent believe that cat litter smells worse than dirty laundry, because obviously.

Here are more findings about how cats really affect their owners' lives and relationships:

1. A Quarter Of People Would Rather Cuddle With Their Cat Than Their Partner

Well, no surprises here! According the survey’s findings, one in four cat owners admitted they would prefer to cuddle with their cat than their partner, as well as be greeted by their cat instead of their of their significant other… which makes sense! No human will ever love you like your pet does.

2. Almost Half Of Millennials Fear That Stinky Cat Litter Can Ruin The Mood

For 40 percent of Millennials, the fear of bad smelling cat litter driving someone away is real. So real, in fact, that 46 percent to cat owners literally go nuts with the air freshener before even letting a possible love/sex interest in the door and 22 percent of them have straight-up hid the box before letting someone come over.

3. Few People Will Let Their Cat Stand In The Way Of Sex

Honestly, I thought this number would be higher, because who likes to be watched by a jealous pet while trying to get it on? But according to the study, only 10 percent of cat owners will put the breaks on sex if their cat happens to be in the room. I guess the other 90 percent either don’t care or are too busy to notice that they’re being ogled by a four-legged buddy.

4. The Majority Of Cat Owners Don’t See Their Cat As Just A Pet

Of those surveyed, 97 percent of cat owners say their cat has a majorly positive impact on their lives and 90 percent of cat owners consider their cats family. What this means for someone who doesn’t like cats is you probably shouldn’t waste your time dating a cat person – you’ll really have your competition cut out for you, especially since two-thirds of cat owners actually consider their cat their child.

5. Cleaning Cat Litter Can Make Cat Owners Feel Parental

In addition to keeping things smelling fresh for surprise guests, 78 percent of cat owners clean their cat litter every day out of love for their cat. While they admit it’s annoying, aggravating, and they’d rather do anything else in the world, when they do it, they feel parental and… they’re also ready for action in case the opportunity for sex arises.

6. Over 70 Percent Of Cat Owners Talk Back To Their Cats

Although it doesn’t take a genius to realize that a cat’s meow and a dog’s bark are how our pets communicate, the survey found that about 77 percent of cat owners respond to their cat’s meow by pretty much having a full blown conversation. Most times your cat has more interesting things to say than your partner, if we’re to be completely honest, so you should definitely give them your full attention.

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Images: Fotolia; Arm&Hammer