Abbi's Drew Barrymore Suitcase From 'Broad City' Is Real & The Luggage Is Available For You To Buy Now

As you watched "Getting There," the first episode of the two-part season finale of Broad City, you were probably enthralled by the chaos of Abbi and Ilana's journey to the airport. However, Abbi was more enthralled with her Drew Barrymore-inspired suitcase throughout the episode. She mentioned multiple times that her suitcase had come highly recommended by Ms. Drew Barrymore, so I did a little digging — aka I followed the explicit instructions Abbi gave in the episode by Googling "Refinery29" and "Drew Barrymore" — and found that Abbi's luggage on Broad City is indeed based on Drew Barrymore's endorsement of the product.

Although I added the term "suitcase" to my search inquiry, it was quite easy to find actress Barrymore's article about her "perfect" luggage. Barrymore is the editor-at-large for the fashion and lifestyle site and, back on Aug. 28, 2014, she wrote about unexpectedly discovering the ultimate suitcase that "comes apart in two pieces" while she was shopping at the snowboard store Burton with her then-husband Will Kopelman. (On April 1, 2016, Barrymore and Kopelman announced they are divorcing after nearly four years of marriage.)

With such descriptions of her Burton suitcase (Barrymore doesn't specifically write the product's name) as "roomy, yet not overwhelming," "androgynous and timeless," "really easy to maneuver," "a totally different kind of traction and movability," and "super durable," it's no wonder Abbi was so desperate to get her hands on — and protect — this raved-about suitcase.

With a little extra searching, I found the Burton bag that most closely resembles the suitcase that Abbi uses in Broad City, although it's not an exact match. The product is the Wheelie Double Deck Travel Bag in the color Irish Green Ripstop and while it's on sale, it's also unfortunately out of stock, so you can't match Abbi manically running through the airport anytime soon.

However, that may be a good thing since Abbi's antics during "Getting There" weren't the best endorsement for the product. Although I'm sure the Burton bags are fine products, Abbi's trip to the airport to get on a plane to Israel made for an absurd level of abuse. Barrymore had written that there is "no hard metal spine or handle running through the center of the bag," but while that my be viewed as a pro, it was certainly a con when Abbi's handle ripped off. And, though it may make packing extra stuff a dream, the flight attendant on the show said that the bag was not suitable for airplane overhead compartments (unless you're Drew Barrymore).

Regardless of what Abbi's bag went through, there are certainly other Burton suitcases available for sale if you feel like traveling in the style of Barrymore. Just make sure to protect your luggage by giving yourself plenty of time to get to the airport — and making sure any friends traveling with you remember their damn passports.

Images: Comedy Central (3)