Does Beyonce Wear Ivy Park? She's The Best Model For The Brand

Beyonce's Ivy Park is blowing up the Internet. Between the perfect athleisure line and Rihanna's Fenty Puma slides, this week has been a sheer triumph for celebrities, their lines, and their brand collaborations. But does Beyonce wear Ivy Park herself? The answer is a little complicated.

In late March, Beyonce announced the arrival Ivy Park, and the Internet basically went up in flames. I mean, not really, clearly, but let's be honest, anything Beyonce touches turns to gold. Her perfect activewear collection is no exception. When the promotional videos and images started popping up everywhere, Beyonce's fans were scrambling to figure out when they could purchase Ivy Park. Thankfully, though, fans of the singer and fans of the gorgeous styles weren't going to have to wait for very long. Ivy Park launched only a few weeks later. On Thursday, all of the pieces were available both only and in stores with retailers such as Topshop and Nordstrom.

Of course, with any celebrity-based collection, the celebrity is the best model. That was especially true with Ivy Park. While Beyonce's initial promotional video does feature a multitude of other models, the singer is clearly the focus. Not only does she wear a vast range of the collection's gear, but she explains the intensely personal meaning behind Ivy Park's name.

WeAreIvyPark on YouTube

But does Beyonce wear Ivy Park? It's a tricky question, really. With Beyonce being the lead in nearly all of the activewear's campaign photos, it stands to reason that the designer herself would rock the duds outside of the ads.

She seems to do so. Beyonce's cover of Elle shows the designer rocking Ivy Park beautifully. In an Ivy Park bodysuit and pullover, she was stunning.

Clearly, the star is proud of her work as she wore Ivy Park not on one Elle cover but two. On the cover of Elle UK, Beyonce wore her white hexagon bomber jacket from the collection and and an Ivy Park band wrapped around her wrist. She's clearly ready to show off her activewear.

Promotional images and magazine covers, however, are the only times Beyonce has been seen in Ivy Park, though. That's what makes answering the question of whether of not Beyonce wears Ivy Park difficult. From day to day, the answer is definitely still unclear.

So the answer to does Beyonce wear Ivy Park? Yes and maybe. She's the brand's best spokesperson, and she is clearly proud of the killer job she's done. As for everyday wear, though, it's still yet to come. After all, the line was only announced two weeks ago. If I had to place bets, though, I'd say Beyonce is probably rocking that Ivy Park headband right now.

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