11 Free Mother's Day Gifts To Show Mom You Care Without Spending A Pretty Penny

When you’re strapped for cash, gift giving can be a tricky thing. But when it comes to Mom, the last thing you want to do is skimp on a quality present. Fortunately, picking out free Mother’s Day gifts is totally possible. It’s the best way to treat Mom while doing your wallet a favor.

It comes down to focusing on the value of the present. I’m not talking about the monetary kind, either. Instead, I’m referring to the careful thought, care, and love that goes into a truly meaningful gift. And while towels and pillowcases are always useful, Mom will cherish this type of present so much more.

Don’t forget to treat the other Mom-like figures in your life, too. This includes aunts, godmothers, guardians, and family friends. Even friends that are mothers can be included. Basically, anyone that shows some motherly love should be recognized on Mother’s Day. Consider rounding up a few of these special women for a day that’s all about them.

With these simple ideas, you will be able to spend valuable bonding time with some super special ladies. Simultaneously, your bank account won’t take a major hit. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Happy Mother’s Day, friends!

1. Go hiking

Get in touch with nature by going for a short (or long) hike with Mom. If you're lucky enough to live near some scenic views or mountain ranges, this is the perfect time to take advantage of it. And if you don't? Scope out some spots that are accessible by car or train. You'd be surprised at what you can find just outside of the suburbs and cities.

2. Ride bikes

For another way to go exploring, grab your bikes and go for a ride. Parks with biking trails are especially awesome. If you live in a city, look up recommended bike routes on the web. It's a fun and inexpensive way to be active and hang out with mom.

3. Take a road trip

Much like hikes and bike rides, road trips are an excellent way to wander with someone you love. This is especially great when both you and Mom love to check out new spots. Consider a day trip to a nearby small town — you never know what gems you'll find.

4. Visit a nursing home

Visitors and volunteers are welcome at nursing homes all year round. They provide residents an opportunity to socialize and interact with others. After all, something as simple as a conversation can make their day.

This Mother's Day, schedule some time to stop by with your own mom. It's an awesome opportunity to bond with each other and the residents. It's also an excellent way to show the mothers and grandmothers at the nursing home that someone cares.

5. Help out at a soup kitchen

Soup kitchens are another spot that can always use a helping hand. Instead of waiting in super long lines at the restaurant, turn things around and help serve food at your local kitchen. This can make a huge impact on the families and mothers that are dining there on Mother's Day. It's an awesome way to give back to your community, too.

6. Volunteer at an animal shelter

Are you and your mom animal lovers? Offer to help walk and play with animals at the nearest shelter. The dogs and cats at these facilities are usually just looking for a little love. Besides, who doesn't love playing with cute animals?

7. Tend her garden

If your mom has a green thumb, do her a favor by helping out in the yard. Is there a task she secretly despises? Offer to do it. Are there weeds that need to be pulled? Lend some elbow grease. Assisting her with something that she truly loves to do is an excellent way to show that you care.

8. Teach a skill

The gift of knowledge is one of the best things you can give someone. Take the day to introduce Mom to a new hobby or skill that you care about. This can be anything from your favorite craft to a cooking technique. Who knows, you might even create something awesome with her!

9. At-home yoga

Thanks to YouTube, getting your stretch on has never been easier. Treat mom (and yourself) to some rest and relaxation with a curated playlist of yoga and pilates videos. You can even cater the selections to fit Mom's specific needs, such as back pain or tight shoulders.

10. Local art show

Get in touch with your creative side by attending an art show by a local artist. Gallery hopping is another great way to check out your town's art scene. Not only will you and Mom be able to grab some inspiration, but the creative jaunt will open the doors for conversation and bonding time.

11. Host a yard sale

For a gift that's completely opposite of free, host a garage sale in your own front yard. This is an awesome way to help Mom tackle her spring cleaning to-do list. Plus, it's always fun to take a walk down memory lane as you sift through things.

Instead of stressing about how much you'll make from the yard sale, just have fun with it. Take this time to chat with your neighbors and random shoppers. Whatever money you make from the sale can be used toward a coffee or dessert date after the sale.

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