14 Things You Got In Trouble For In The '90s, Because Bubble Yum Never Came Out Of Blue Jeans

I was terrified of being punished as a kid, which was hilarious considering I had a big mouth and was totally argumentative. Fighting in school, stealing your sibling's toy, and other things you got in trouble for in the '90s are kind of funny when you think about them now, because as an adult, Mommy and Daddy aren't breathing down your neck to make sure you're behaving. Parents of '90s kids can only hope that all of the times they grounded us and took back our TV and internet privileges taught us all the lessons we needed to learn.

I've been thinking back to all the things I did to tick my mom off — those moments where she'd shout my full name, including my middle name, and then I knew I was really in trouble. She'd yell. I'd cry. She'd send me to my room for an hour. I'd weep tears of sorrow because my life was so hard and nobody understood me. I'd kiss my JTT poster and cuddle my favorite Cabbage Patch Kid doll. Then my mom would come up to my room and tell me she wasn't really mad — just disappointed. And then I would hate myself, but also try to be better in the future. Learning life lessons is hard.

So, what exactly did you do to get in so much trouble? Any of these things, perchance?

1. Getting Gak On The Furniture


Your mom would have to sit there and scrape it off with her fingernail, and it never completely came off.

2. Recording Naughty Words On Your Yak Bak

Where did you even hear those words?!

3. Stealing Your Sister's Edible Shower Gel

You got just a taste of Jessica Simpson's Dessert line... and then you were hooked.

4. Getting Caught Flipping Through The Latest Abercrombie & Fitch Catalogue

Hello, scantily clad male models.

5. When You Swore It Was Spice Girls In Your Discman But It Was Really Salt N Pepa's "Let's Talk About Sex"

Bicht Hunter on YouTube

How scandalous.

6. Leaving Bubble Yum In Your Pocket On Laundry Day


Good job destroying a perfectly good pair of jeans. Do you think money grows on trees?

7. Trying To Feed Your Baby Alive Real Food

It'd get stuck in her mouth, and then you were really screwed.

8. When You Prank Called Someone And They Dialed *69 And Your Mom Picked Up


You better run.

9. Hitting The Neighbor Kid In the Face With Your Super Soaker


That was the day you discovered that this was surprisingly painful.

10. Trying To Fit In Your Old Power Wheels And Getting Stuck


You just weren't ready to put your Power Wheels days behind you. So you put your behind in your Power Wheels instead. Bad idea.

11. Any Game Of Operation That Lasted More Than 10 Minutes


Because let's be honest: It's not like anybody enjoyed that ear-piercing buzzing sound.

12. Gooey Louie, Because... Gooey Louie

This was fun for children?

13. When You Left Pieces Of Your Polly Pockets On The Floor


So much fun to step on, and they totally broke the vacuum cleaner too.

14. Drawing On Your Doodle Bear With Permanent Marker


Did you not see the markers that came with the toy? That was on purpose, FYI.

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