Are Rihanna's FENTY for PUMA Fur Slides Pink Or Nude? The Photos Make It Hard To Tell

Just in case you were sorely missing the black and blue or white and gold dress debate of 2015, here's another fashion and color related question that is stupefying the internet: Are the FENTY by PUMA fur slides pink or nude? Get ready for your mind to be blown and to remain utterly confused for the rest of the day, because the fuzzy, already-popular slides in the color Shell seem pink in some photos and nude in others.

The shoes, which retail for $80 a pair and will be available Friday, April 22 online and in PUMA stores, as well as at other select retailers, are already causing a stir in the style scene. You'd think the fashion crowd would have a few hesitations about furry sandals for spring/summer at all, but they don't. In fact, based on what fans and celebs have said on Twitter the Fur Slide By FENTY for PUMA is already a smash hit. I wouldn't be surprised if they sold out faster than a Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit.

But that's not the point here. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell that a Rihanna-backed shoe, no matter how out-there it might be, is going to sell out. No, the real question is: what color is that "shell" color exactly? Is it pink? Or nude? Or Both?

Unless you're buying all three colors, black, white, and shell, this is probably a question you've been asking yourself since you first saw a photo of these kicks. Whether you have to decide which pair will go best with your wardrobe or you're just downright curious, here's what we know about shell so far, based on the photographic evidence.

When Rihanna first posted about the fur slides, the "shell" shade definitely looked more bubble gum pink.

But from certain other angles they look significantly less bright.

Here's another photo from that same account of the shoes looking pink as can be.

In the photo of Rihanna wearing them above, they look like a softer, light pink shade.

When compared to the black and white versions, they definitely look pretty pink.

Here they look a bit more subtle.

I think we can say for sure that they are pink, but how bright they look really depends on lighting. But as we know, photos can be deceiving. So until we see these babies in real life, the speculation will probably continue. But hey, at least that's another good reason to splurge on these shoes come Friday!