10 Things That Make All '90s Kids Laugh

Today's kids will never understand the genuine, innocent humor that we grew up with — the days when we turned to Nickelodeon and Disney for a good belly laugh, not YouTube and Instagram. The things that made all '90s kids laugh are bound to give you a good chuckle today — and trust me. I would know. I broke out in a sweat from laughing so hard just writing this.

I think what I miss most about '90s humor was how harmless it seemed. Today's kids are growing up so fast; as a result, the things meant to entertain them are so much more mature and advanced than they were for the youth of the '90s. I find myself curious how children can occupy themselves for hours on end with nothing but an iPod, when I did it with tea parties and Barbie dolls. Do kids even play with these things anymore, or is it considered, like, totally uncool? I don't really know. I'm an old fart.

For just a few minutes, hit the pause button on the technology and social media of today, and join me for this walk back into the '90s, when nothing made you laugh harder than the bathroom scene from Dumb and Dumber.

1. When Ed Stuck Things Up His Nose

pimanrules on YouTube

Bloobity bloobity bloobity bloobity, bloobity bloobity bloobity bloobity.

2. Baby Michelle Tanner's Mere Existence

Olsentwinlove on YouTube

You might think it's impossible for every single thing a person does to be adorable. You are wrong.

3. Telling A Friend To Spell "I Cup"


Get it? I-C-U-P? I see you pee? ROTFLMBO.

4. The Carlton Dance

Cridiron on YouTube

So memorable that they brought it back for Dancing With The Stars.

HopMedia on YouTube

5. The Scooters You Got To Play With In Gym

It was all fun and games until it took the skin off your fingers.

6. Steve Urkel's "Did I do that?"

bigboy501 on YouTube

Laugh out loud.

7. Switching Names With Someone When You Had A Substitute Teacher


And then she'd call you by the wrong names the entire day and she wouldn't even know it. HAHA you were so funny.

8. Ross Yelling "PIVOT"

Timon Kuddus on YouTube

Watch this without laughing. I dare you. And if you really want to piddle your panties, here's the blooper:

Killer Koala on YouTube

9. Responding "Not Here" When Your Teacher Called Your Name During Attendance


Oh, the irony.

10. Jessie Spano's Epic Meltdown

Michelle Trincia on YouTube

I'm still wondering how she filmed this with a straight face.

Images: IMDb; Giphy (3)