Logan Dances In The 'Gilmore Girls’ Revival & There’s Only One Reason That Might Make Sense

Well, it’s official: I am completely beside myself about this Gilmore Girls revival. After many months of speculation, social media posts, and hints about what Stars Hollow might be like in the present day, I am officially hanging up my sleuthing cap and admitting once and for all that I have no idea what is happening in this revival. The moment of defeat came for me when a picture of Matt Czuchry and Rachael Markarian, a dancer, was posted to Instagram with the caption, “Workin with these handsome and talented guys this week. Their kindness matches their talent.” That’s all fine and good, but the question I can’t quite seem to answer after seeing this picture is this: If there is a Gilmore Girls dance number, then what the heck is Logan Huntzberger doing in it?

I mean, I saw the pictures of an entire dance troup taking over the Warner Brothers set of the Gilmore Girls revival. But, at the time I assumed that these dancers were practicing for the Stars Hollow musical. That makes sense. Complete sense, in fact. But, with this recent picture, there is only so much sense that I can make of Logan Huntzberger being in a choreographed dance number. Is it for his wedding? Is it a dance to win back Rory’s heart? Or is there something else a little more ethereal going on in the Gilmore Girls revival that we don’t know about?

Here’s what I’m thinking: My theory is that this dance number is actually a dream sequence. I think that mainly because why in the world would Logan Huntzberger and his other Life and Death Brigade buddies be in a choreographed dance? There’s just no reality in which that makes sense. And, given the very telling nature of the dream sequences the Gilmore girls have had in past episodes, I’m guessing that this dream sequence is Rory’s, and that it involves some trippy wedding wherein all the men from her Yale past come out to dance (maybe to convince Rory that a wedding with Logan is a mistake?). Let me have this one, because I don’t want to live in a world where this picture means anything but.

Image: Netflix