Donald Trump Jr. Speaks Out About His Dad — VIDEO

Although Donald Trump has become the presumptive Republican nominee, he's not safe from the media's scrutiny just yet. Fox News' Megyn Kelly's interview with Donald Trump Jr. proved that the real estate mogul's son doesn't quite understand his father's sexism and the implications of his negative campaign strategies.

The New York Times released an article on Trump's sexist history with women on May 14 that featured anecdotes from his former employees, Miss Universe contestants, ex-wives, high school classmates, and more. The comprehensive investigative piece revealed just how sexist Trump has been throughout his life (not just now in the 2016 presidential election). And honestly, there are many things to learn about Trump's relationship with women from this article.

With almost perfect timing, Kelly's one-on-one interview with Trump will air on May 17, just days after this Times article was released. Trump quickly took to Twitter (as he does) to defend himself about these sexist accusations; in a series of tweets, Trump denied the New York Times article, calling it "dishonest," "malicious," and "libelous." However, his son, Trump Jr., made it clear in his May 16 Fox News interview with Kelly that he doesn't understand the implications of his father's negative comments and terrible campaign strategies.

Kelly confronted Trump Jr. about his father's campaign thus far in the 2016 presidential election. Specifically, Kelly asked him for his thoughts on Trump's campaign strategy, which she said is "not just 'Make America Great Again,'" it's about making sexist remarks on Carly Fiorina's face or calling Mexicans rapists. These are incredibly serious statements to make, especially for someone vying for the position of president of the United States, but Trump Jr.'s mediocre response proved that the apple doesn't fall far from the Trump tree:

He's an aggressive guy; he's a tough guy. When he talks and he gets in a fight he's going to treat everyone the same way; it's not about women, men — he did the same thing to Marco [Rubio], he did the same thing to Jeb [Bush] ... I think he'll change and I've seen him be incredibly charismatic... He can be as charismatic as anyone, but there comes a time when you actually have to say, 'Enough is enough' and you put down the hammer and that's what people like to see, Megyn.

So these condescending comments are fine, according to Trump Jr., because his father has made them about both men and women? Interesting. I'm not quite sure it works that way.

Soon after this exchange, Kelly brought up the elephant in the room (pun intended, always) and asked Trump Jr. if he was irritated to see the things written about his father in the Times article. Surprisingly, Trump Jr. quickly retorted by saying: "I mean, like we don't have more important things to do." Because women's issues and addressing the alleged sexist acts of our presumptive GOP nominee isn't important, like, at all. We only make up half the population of the country that Trump is trying to lead, but ok, fair point, Trump Jr.

But the worst part of Trump Jr.'s interview came near the end of his time with Kelly, when he made it very clear that he (just like his father) doesn't understand the severity of treating women like they're inferior to men. There have been plenty sexist comments from Trump since just the start of his presidential campaign that make it difficult to imagine him as the next POTUS. From the moment he announced his presidential bid in June 2015, Trump has vowed not to be politically correct, basically giving himself a free pass to say outrageous and, at times, inappropriate things. Trump Jr. revealed that he thinks this is a fair and commendable strategy, even if it's downright critical of women:

He's a tough guy; he's going to say stuff and he's not going to cater to everyone's thoughts, and that's really the point. And again, I think Americans like that; I think they like a guy who can be the leader of this country who's not going to go bow to the enemies we have all over the world who love to treat us like garbage and who want to wipe us off the face of the earth ... I think we need that for a change because it's not something we have right now.

So basically, making America great again can be summed up by not catering to everyone's thoughts and being a "tough guy," at least according to Trump Jr. Yikes.