Are Rihanna Puma Fur Slides Worth It?

Finally! My Rihanna Puma Fur Slides arrived yesterday. I managed to hop onto the Nordstrom site and snag a black pair of the slides, which have essentially been christened the shoe of Summer 2016, on the day they were released. The shoe goddesses were on my side, since the slides went on to sell out in, like, nanoseconds. Upon receipt, I spent all day wearing these turnt shower shoes — actually, they come with a tag that warns against wearing them in the shower, so they really aren't shower shoes, despite the look and how customers and fashion types have categorized them. Are the Rihanna Puma Slides worth the $80 price tag? Are they comfy? Practical? What's the scoop?

I loved them way, way more than I thought I would.

After I had successfully ordered the slides, I enjoyed a period of elation and victory, since so many shoppers were shut out. I also endured a brief bout of buyer's remorse, where I was like "Why TF did I buy these? I don't like slides and I really hate mule-like shoes." But these looked so chunky and cute and I admit that I bought into the hype. I wanted them because of the mania and excitement that surrounded them.

Yes, they look like shower shoes, but they are so much more than that.

I rocked them with black leggings during the day.

They do run a bit big, which the brand did note in the product description. But they were still super comfy. I didn't want to take them off.

I also wore them while walking my dog. There he is in the background of this photo shoot, BTW. We embarked on a brisk, 10-minute walk and the fur slides were totally suited for the task. I wasn't slipping and sliding at all. I mean, I don't recommend wearing them to the gym. But while running errands? For sure!

The grooves in the shoe bed make them super comfortable and they feel broken in the instant you slip into them. It's as though they mold to your feet and it was as if I had been wearing them for years.

The Rihanna Puma Fur Slides also come with a velvety dust bag, which is convenient for travel or summer weekend getaways.

Puma also felt the need to tell us to not wear the faux fur shoes in the shower! Since people have been dubbing them "shower shoes," it makes total sense for the brand to respond with this warning. You will obviously ruin the shoes or possibly fall if you try rocking them in the shower. They're not basic flip flops, which are also considered shower shoes by some.

Yes, $80 is pricy for a pair of summery shoes. But they look chic and fashionable, thanks to the fake fur. And I cannot overstate that they are crazy comfy. I can see myself living in these this summer, beyond running errands and doing laundry, too!

Good luck shopping any restocks of the slides! BTW, I am also rocking Kylie Jenner's Sinful Colors Denim & Bling nail polish for my pedi.

Hopefully, I can grab two pairs of the new black Creepers on May 26 as easily.

Images: Amy Sciarretto (6); Puma/Instagram (1)