8 Natural Oils To Try On Your Visage

by Gina Jones 2

It seems like the world is finally getting over the miracle cure that is coconut oil, leaving me and all the people too lazy to research beauty trends wondering what other oils we can use on our face. Are essential and natural oils just for the baths your grandma runs, or for your budding aromatherapist friends, or can we common folk take advantage of these naturally occurring substances, too?

For whatever reason — and maybe it's the latent hippie inside me — using natural products is way more appealing to my soul than the numerous chemicals I most often apply to my body. Don't worry: I'm not going to join the no-shampoo movement and stop using toilet paper, but replacing a 20-chemical product with an essential oil that smells like heaven just seems like a smart move.

The more I experiment with natural oils, the more I realize that these products are key to making me look like I've just arrived in heaven or am basking in the glow of a Kardashian-approved light-up iPhone case. So I'm here to bestow upon you the gift of what essential and natural oils you can use on your face, and what they will do once they're on there.

1. Coconut Oil

Spectrum Essentials Organic Coconut Oil, $14.99,

Let's begin with everyone's favorite: coconut oil. Coconut oil will hydrate your skin, help with anti-aging, and can even be used as a cleanser to take your makeup off. There's a reason this is such a raved-about super product.

2. Grapeseed Oil

Pure Grapeseed Oil, $9.69,

According to LIVESTRONG, grapeseed oil has been used by the natural cosmetic industry for years. Grapeseed oil can help balance your skin while reducing the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and acne symptoms.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Natural Tea Tree Oil, $9.99,

My grandma's answer to every skin woe is tea tree oil, and TBH, she's right. Ditch your toothpaste trick for calming spots and dab a little tea tree oil on your face to tackle small pimples and even more severe acne.

4. Jojoba Oil

Pure Jojoba Oil, $13.99,

Jojoba oil is relatively cheap and perfect to use on greasy skin. It moisturizes your face, too. Jojoba oil is similar to the natural oil on your skin called sebum, LIVESTRONG reports, which is probably why it works so well.

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5. Marula Oil

Pure Marula Facial Oil, $78,

Marula oil was ranted and raved about throughout 2015 as a miracle product. Considering what marula oil can actually do for you, I can definitely see why. According to Cosmopolitan, marula oil can hydrate your skin as well as heal it by protecting you from environmental aggressors (like the sun, the wind, and air pollution).

6. Lavender Oil

Lavender Essential Oil, $23.50,

If your grandma is anything like my grandma, putting lavender in your bath as a kid was probably her version of melatonin. The calming effect of lavender oil is well-known, but it can also help treat eczema as well as your regular dry or chapped skin.

7. Patchouli Oil

Patchouli Essential Oil, $10.91,

While it may make you think of stoners and hippies, patchouli oil as an essential oil can be used as an anti-fungal remedy — to tackle athlete's foot, for example — and can help fight eczema and scarring as well. It's also found in many anti-aging products, so prepare to feel rejuvenated.

8. Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang Ylang Extra, $22,

Ylang ylang oil is by far the most fun oil to say aloud from this list, but it has plenty of beneficial uses for you and your face as well. Ylang ylang oil makes a great toner to help keep your facial oils balanced, plus you can use it for fighting acne and battling boils.

Hopefully one of these oils will be what you need to achieve the perfect visage you've been searching for your whole life. Just be sure to dilute your oils properly and even give them a skin test first, before smothering your face.

Whether you've been exposed to this kind of witchcraft before via hippie family members or you're entirely new to the essential oil game, there's bound to be a natural product out there that will change your life.

Images: rockymountainoils/Instagram; Courtesy Brands