The Emotional Stages Of Removing Full Face Makeup

by Melodi Erdogan

When you're applying makeup, usually the last thing you're thinking about is taking it off. But at the end of the day, the only thing looking you in the mirror is the dread of removing a full face of makeup. As anyone who's a fan of red lipstick, smoky shadows, and waterproof mascara can tell you, removing layers of makeup is a tiresome, exhausting, and a totally emotional process.

You might be wondering what could be so emotional about removing a full face of makeup. Don't you just grab some makeup remover, a cleanser, and wash it all off? Answer: no. One does not simply wash off anything when it comes to a full face of makeup. It's easy to think that the hard work is the application; and it's true, it takes skills to apply a full face of makeup. But the work doesn't end there. Because in order to completely dissolve every bit of makeup off one's face, from the strongest foundation to the blackest eyeliner, it takes a lot of guts.

I know first-hand the blood, sweat, and tears it requires to completely erase makeup. Ahead you'll find the 13 emotional stages of removing a full face of makeup that occur every time you're prompted with the task. It's a long, tedious process full of anxiety, hope, and more hope. Because when it comes to removing waterproof mascara, hope is really all you have!

1. Denial

Let's set the scene: you are getting ready for a fun night out with your friends, so you reach for your makeup products that promise the longest and strongest wear. You say yes to full coverage foundation, waterproof eyeliner, waterproof mascara, and even layer on a few trusty setting sprays. Basically, your makeup look could survive the apocalypse. You feel and look absolutely fabulous. And even though you know it's going to take some elbow grease to remove all of your makeup, you're in complete denial about it.

2. Agitation

Then you get home and glance at yourself in the mirror. Yes, your night went fabulously. You got some amazing selfies out of your makeup look. But with a closer look, it seems like the makeup has practically become one with your skin. You know this can't be good. You grow agitated and annoyed, especially since the last thing you want to go through at 2 a.m. is 30-minute long makeup removing session.

3. Anxiety

But that's when the anxiety settles in. You're worried that all those tough products you used won't come off, and you're nervous that if you start you may not have the energy our courage to completely remove all of it. What if you look like this forever?!

4. Courage

What's next? Should you sleep in your makeup a la Kim Kardashian and risk the acne and dry skin? Or should you gather up your tools and enough courage to actually try and face the problem (pun intended) and remove all your makeup? Definitely the latter.

5. Hesitation

At this point, you're probably asking yourself: Am I really about to do the unthinkable, the impossible, the inconceivable, and remove a full face of makeup?

6. Bravery

Yes! Yes you are! You're brave, you're courageous, and you're stronger than even the strongest, most long-wearing waterproof eyeliner on the market! You can remove a full face of makeup, just like you can marry Prince Harry on the moon!

7. Doubt

Ugh. You'll never marry Prince Harry on the moon. And you'll never remove all this freaking eyeliner. It's probably at this stage of the process that you're standing over the sink rubbing water into your face and seeing a mess of makeup all over you. It certainly makes for a funny photo (see above), but the emotions running through your brain make you doubt that you'll actually even make it out alive.

8. Worry

It's natural to worry at this point in the process. With mascara and eyeliner all rubbed around your eyes, tons of powder mixed with water on your cheeks, and red lipstick smeared across your face, it's hard not to be alarmed.

9. Determination

But eventually you'll find the determination you need to get off all that makeup. With another wave of courage and new-found conviction, you dig through your stuff to find any kind of makeup remover that might be able to clean the mess you've made. Whether it's coconut oil, a set of wipes, or a handy cold cream (that stuff is my jam!), you push all your worries aside and go in for the kill.

10. Hope

This is when you start hoping, wishing, and praying that the makeup will come off. And what do you know, it's coming off! Your face makeup is dissolving underneath a makeup removing wipe, and you're able to remove all the lipstick residue from your lips. But will the waterproof eyeliner and mascara come off?

11. And More Hope

With some more hoping, a Q-tip, and some basic baby oil, it does! You're witnessing a true miracle.

12. Relief

Finally. After 23 cotton pads and a lot of hard work, your makeup has officially been removed and you look like yourself again in the mirror. Go ahead, breath that deep sigh of relief because you earned it!

13. Pure Joy

It is, in fact, possible to remove a full face of makeup. But it certainly does take a lot of emotional stages to get it all off. After anxiety, worry, and hope, you are able to wipe your face dry with a towel and have no residue left behind. And if that isn't pure joy, then I don't know what is!

Removing a full face of makeup is no easy feat, physically or emotionally. But even the toughest, most long-wearing makeup can be removed with courage, determination, and a lot of hope. Just remember that the next time you're faced with waterproof eyeliner!

Images: Melodi Erdogan