13 Unique Hairstyles For Curly-Maned Babes

Styling curly hair is no easy feat. Curls have a curious tendency to ringlet-up in whichever direction they so please, with volume one day and flatness the next. Our current hot weather also promises a forecast of frizz and, well, more frizz. Thankfully, there exist unique hairstyles for curly hair to be found on YouTube tutorials, with tips, tricks, and one-of-a-kind ideas. No matter what type of curly mane you have, they'll hopefully encourage you to embrace it.

I know the curly hairstyling struggle, so I almost always let my locks air dry in the warmer months (sweating while blow drying my strands is not fun). But then I'm stuck with my natural wave worn either down or in a basic ponytail (not super exciting).

In desperate need of inspiration, I found a wealth of tutorials catered specifically to curly-haired goddesses on the 'Tube. From videos focusing on buns, to others featuring loose ringlets, and even some angular cuts, these curly pros know all the ways to work your locks in order to achieve stunning results.

Ahead you'll find 13 YouTube videos from your favorite beauty vloggers, all of which take easy, original approaches to styling curly hair. Most of these videos feature more than just one style, so be prepared to soak up some major inspiration. I guarantee you'll be in front of the mirror shortly after screening.

1. Casual

AndreasChoice says it best in her tutorial: Curly hair can "be annoying to style sometimes." But as she points out, there are plenty of easy and cute looks to opt for when your curls are giving you trouble. She goes over her five favorite go-to aesthetics, from a messy bun, to gorgeous twisted bangs, to a classy, side-braided chignon. Be prepared to absolutely adore her take on the classics.

2. Medium-Length

The bun and the pineapple? The Find Guru's names for her curly hairstyles may make you hungry, and not just for warm bread or fresh fruit. Her fun, unique tutorials featuring volume and unexpected takes on classics (you'll love those buns!) are perfect for ringlets.

3. Buns

If you have curly hair and are specifically looking for creative bun styles to emulate, look no further than Kharissa Rae. She gives her viewers eight unique bun looks, with styles like the high bun (lots of height) and the sophisticated low bun (featuring twists and an expertly bobby-pinned chignon). Plus, they're perfect for natural hair.

4. Short

If your short, curly mane seems hopeless, then think again. Luhhsettyxo offers helpful tips and detailed directions on how to style stubborn curls. Recommending conditioning creams, natural oils, and specific approaches to classic styles (a half-up-half-down look has never been so easy and chic), you'll be amazed at how you can navigate your curls with her advice.

5. Long

AlexandrasGirlyTalk's curly hairstyles embrace long, luscious ringlets with super simple and gorgeous styles. She outlines three different options, from pinned-back bangs to strategically-placed ponytails, all of which maximize texture and volume. These looks are definitely worth trying the next time you're at a stalemate with your long and curly strands.

6. Natural Hair

Natural curly hair is absolutely stunning. So why not embrace it with these fun bun styles via Jasmine Brown's video? That's right: More bun styles for curly hair. And you thought it was impossible! Brown's take on mini buns, the pineapple, and trendy hair accessories (I see you, bandana) is put-together yet original enough that you can capitalize on your Curly Q's.

7. Loose Curls

If your curls aren't tight, but not quite like waves, either, your mane probably falls in the "loose curl" category. Even so, there are plenty of ways to approach styling loose curls that aren't about leaving it down or putting it in a ponytail. I'll let BrownBeautySimor's video explain the rest, because her approach to loose curly hair with twisted details and half-up-half-down shapes is foolproof.

8. Protective

If you're trying to preserve your natural curls, that doesn't mean your hair has to go un-styled. In fact, Sayria Jade proves that you can style your hair in multiple different (and gorgeous) ways without damaging or harming your natural texture. All you need is water and some elbow grease. Oh, and don't forget to check out part-two as well.

9. Formal Styles

Want to showcase your natural curls for a formal event? Have no fear, because Lana Summer has the inspiration for you. Be prepared to show off your Q's with embellished headbands and pretty braids, to create polished and lovely styles perfect for any formal occasion, be it prom, a wedding, or even a date.

10. Short, Angular Hair Cut

OK, so the title "Short Angular Hair Cut" on this one is pretty specific. But when you have an angular bob with curly hair, styling your locks can be a challenge. That being said, vlogger Hannah Rupp has not one, not two, but 20 different simple and easy (and super pretty) hairstyle tutorials for folks with a similarly curly, angular crop.

11. Five Minutes Or Less

If you're not one to spend a lot of time on your hair, but still want to tailor your curly mane for day-to-day events, then I have a feeling Shan Boody will be able to help. Her five simple individual and beautiful hairstyles are flawless approaches to express your personality and have fun with your ringlets. Plus, that Scary Spice hairstyle is beyond amazing.

12. Wet Hair

Who knew that criss-crossing your hair with mini ponytails could create such a cute look? And the best part? It's good even on wet, curly hair. That's right: If you have a curly mane and prefer styling your hair wet, then these ideas, courtesy of CurlsBeauty, should definitely be your go-to's.

13. Up-Dos

As the weather continues to get warmer, and as curly hair continues to get frizzier, the only real option is to put it up. Thankfully, vlogger mindofbeauty has more than a few approaches to gorgeous, curly up-dos that'll keep your mane chic and cool even in the dead of summer. That accessorized pineapple style is seriously on point.

If you're ready to have fun with your curls with these easy and chic looks, then what are you waiting for? Work your mane into these styles and embrace your curly 'do.

Image: mindofbeauty/YouTube (1)