The Bacon Emoji Is Finally Upon Us!

One of the great mysteries of our time will finally be put to rest — I am referring, of course, to the lack of a bacon emoji. Fortunately, none of us have to wonder about this strange state of affairs anymore, because a bacon emoji has been approved by Unicode. Which means it will probably be available for use sometime soon. So get ready to do what Americans are best at and add bacon to literally everything.

Americans love bacon. We use bacon in as many places as we possibly can. We eat bacon at breakfast, on the Super Bowl, and at Christmas. We make bacon cookies, bacon Pop-Tarts, bacon-wrapped caramel apples, candied bacon, even bacon-fried Twinkies — and bacon-fried Oreos. And it doesn't end with food. There's a bacon dating app. There's a church where you can literally worship bacon. There is bacon-scented underwear.

In other words, Americans are all about the bacon. But, perplexingly, emoji and the people who are responsible for them do not seem to have discovered the magical wonder of the world's best and most versatile food. True, emoji originated in Japan, which explains why the food emoji tend to heavily feature Japanese fare... but still. How is it that we have a lollipop, a fried egg, and multiple forms of soup before bacon?

It's a mystery that has left plenty of people incredulous:

Fortunately, Unicode has fixed that. Of the 72 new emoji that have been approved for release later this month, one is the long-awaited bacon emoji. Hooray! Though it's also worth noting that this doesn't mean will get to use them by the end of June; each individual platform will need to decide when to include the new emoji in their updates and design what they look like, first.

But still, we will, sooner rather than later, be getting a bacon emoji. Finally our prayers — and prayer-hands emoji — have been answered. And the people are excited.

Just think, guys: Not much longer now and your phone shall, too, know the glory that is bacon!