14 Thoughts You Have When You Make A New Book BFF

by Alex Weiss

Making a new friend is one thing, but finding a friend who loves books as much as you do — well, that just doesn't happen very often. Finding a book BFF is like finding your perfect book, only instead of her making you cry like books often do, you two cry together and it makes everything better.

As a teenager, I didn't have a lot of friends who read, making me the outcast who loved to spend Saturday afternoons at Barnes and Noble and evenings in bed with a new book. Now, though, I spend my bookstore trips with my book best friends, and oftentimes spend all night talking about the things I love about this book and the characters I hate in that book with some pretty amazing people.

If you've found your book BFF, or are lucky to have a few, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. This sort of bond is eternal, and you're ever so grateful for her or him. But as you first get to know them, there's no doubting you had at least a couple (if not all) of these thoughts while meeting your newest book BFF:

1. You Finally Have Someone You Can Talk/Text/Rant About Fictional Characters With Endlessly

She/he will understand why you're still so mad that Snape is considered a hero... And you can talk all night about Peeta And Katniss and how Gale was obviously the worst. You have a lot of book feels, and so does she, which means this friendship is amazing.

2. Now You Have Someone You Can Cosplay Favorite Characters With

Let's be honest, as much fun as dressing up as Hermione is, it's always better when you have a Ron, Harry, or Luna Lovegood at your side.

3. You Wonder If She'd Throw A Book-Themed Party With You

Harry Potter beach party, anyone? You can finally have the book-themed birthday party of your dreams.

4. You Hope She Has Crazy Book Theories Like You Do

Does she ship certain characters secretly like you? Does he ever make up theories on what happened after the book ended? You can finally share all of your favorite fictional theories, and it'll most likely be one of the best on-going conversations in your friendship.

5. You Must Find Out What She Thinks About This Character And This Book And This Author...

Yes, you two will disagree from time to time, but being book BFFs is all about sharing the same passion for certain books and characters and even authors.

6. Now You Won't Have To Stand In Line At Author Meet-And-Greets Solo... This Is The Best Day Ever

Not that standing in line for an author meet-and-greet was ever awful because well, you were meeting your favorite author and also surrounded by other fans, but having a book buddy is always the best.

7. Now You Have A Person You Can Go To Every Book-To-Movie Adaptation With And Not Be Judged For How Much You Judge The Movie


8. You Wonder If You Have The Same Favorite Childhood Books, Too

Did she grow up idolizing Matilda and Madeline? Did he love The Series of Unfortunate Events as much as you did? Did she also cry for a solid weekend when she realized she wasn't going to be accepted into Hogwarts?

9. Is Asking Her To Book Events Every Week Too Much?

So, there's this book signing and this release party and another book trivia happening in the next few days... Is it too much? Nah, of course it isn't.

10. You Bet Her Bookshelves Look Awesome

It's probably color coordinated, or decorated with knick knacks and paper flowers because she's just that awesome.

11. You Want To Start A Book Blog Together

Does she already have a book Tumblr? Does he want one? Will we become book-blogger famous?

12. Or Maybe Even A Book Club

You can invite all your other book-loving friends, or just be a book club duo and read all the same books together. Does this friendship ever stop being amazing?

13. You Now Have A Forever Book Store Buddy

Even though you both just want to wander around on your own, it's the best knowing that she's right around the corner to talk to about a book you aren't sure about, or one you're jumping up and down over.

14. You Never Stop Being Thankful That She Exists

All is right in the world now that you've met your book best friend, and you'll always love her or him for existing and being awesome in general.

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