Blake Lively Confesses How She Knew Ryan Reynolds Was The One & It Makes A Ton Of Sense

When it comes to celebrity couples, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds top the list as one of the most adorable pairs. Even just seeing them together on the red carpet, you can sense the love between them. They have a daughter James together and Lively is currently pregnant with baby number two. Basically, things are going swimmingly. In the latest issue of Marie Claire, Lively reveals how she knew Reynolds was her soulmate. The 28-year-old told the magazine,

I knew he would always be my best friend for my whole life. That was the biggest thing to me. I'd never known anything like the friendship that I had with him. I could like him as much as I loved him.

It seems like she's found the key to a successful relationship: friendship. Of course, passion and trust are essential elements as well, but at the end of the day, they need to enjoy each other's company and grow together. When looking back at their moments as a couple, there's definitely plenty of playful banter between Lively and Reynolds that really highlights their friendship. It makes a lot of sense, since shouldn't your life partner also be someone you consider a best friend?

Here's a round-up of ways Lively and Reynolds prove the key to a successful marriage is definitely friendship.

Joking Around With One Another

Do you see that caption? She joked that he's maybe not the father of her child. But then of course, she mentioned how much she loves him. They're able to tease each other, just like good friends do.

Supporting Each Other's Careers

At the Deadpool premiere, Lively sat way in the back. She joked, "who do I have to sleep with to get into this movie?!" Then her tone got more supportive and added, "Best. Movie. Ever. No joke."

Picking Up Each Other's Slack

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In an interview with Seth Meyers, Reynolds gave parenting advice and emphasized the importance of helping out. He said,

Just do the dirty work, man. You gotta do the diapers, you gotta do the middle-of-the-night thing. A human being will exit your wife, so she's done enough.

It's pretty awesome that they work together as a team.

Coordinating Outfits

How good are Reynolds' Photoshop skills? Sure, they didn't actually match outfits like this, but at least they're able to joke about it and post goofy photos together.

Sharing Similar Life Views

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Just as Lively believes friendship is the key to their relationship, Reynolds expressed similar sentiments on Entertainment Weekly's Sirius XM show. He said,

The best way to have a relationship is to start as friends.

So there you have it! If you want to have a successful marriage, keep this couple's wisdom in mind. They've really managed to make their friendship-slash-relationship work.