'Frozen Northern Lights' Book Series Continues Elsa And Anna's Story

We've got at least two years to wait until Frozen 2 dazzles us with its icy brilliance, but there's some all-new Frozen fun coming to bridge the gap. Frozen Northern Lights is a new franchise that tells the continuing story of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, and a new friend named Little Rock.

Frozen Northern Lights begins with a novel, Journey to the Lights, out in July. Journey to the Lights will launch a new series of Frozen Northern Lights media, including a book series, animated LEGO shorts, and interactive digital materials. The new series follows the group of friends on a quest to restore the Northern Lights.

The original Frozen cast will reprise their roles for Frozen Northern Lights. LEGO's animated shorts will air on the Disney Channel this fall. Frozen Northern Lights will also feature a Frozen-themed Instagram account, and updates to the Frozen hub on Disney's website.

Frozen Northern Lights is the latest spin-off of what is arguably Disney's most popular intellectual property. A Frozen musical will come to Broadway in 2018, the same year that Frozen 2 hits theaters. Until we get those extensions, Frozen Northern Lights is here to help us keep the magic alive.

Image: Disney