These Things Ruined Friendships In The '90s

When it comes to the '90s, we have a habit of remembering only the good times. In fact, though, there were some rough parts about growing up during the decade, too — like when something ruined a friendship in the '90s. As adults, things that ruin friendships tend to be, you know, serious issues: Someone having radically different political beliefs and imposing them on you; someone cheating in a relationship; someone breaking a trust bond over a life-changing topic; and more. As kids in the '90s, our big deal moments were a little different, and probably a lot less significant in the grand scheme of things — but at the time, the betrayal felt no less hurtful or life-altering.

In reality, I'm sure there are just as many betrayals affecting the younger generations today that feel-world changing, but which eventually lessen in time; however, I'm definitely willing to bet they're quite a bit different than what we experienced in the '90s. Of course, the emotions are likely the same, and the feelings of insecurity, questioning of self, and wanting to be liked are still present; after all, whether you're a kid, a preteen, or a teenager, it's hard to figure out who you are, and it can be even harder to figure out who your friends are. But the precise nature of these friendship-ending events have definitely changed with times; after all, we didn't have things like social media in the '90s.

If you ever felt a betrayal in the '90s, I'm willing to bet that you can relate to some of the memories below:

1. Eating The Last Of The Dunkaroos

As kids, there was no snacktime betrayal more severe than glancing over and realizing your trusted buddy had finished the last of the Dunkaroos supply your parents had in the cupboard — without sharing.

2. Being Passed Over On Valentine's Day

Not receiving a Valentine from your bestie on Valentine's Day stung so much, especially if your school made a whole to-do about exchanging cards. You're best buddies, after all; how could you be forgotten in favor of a crush they'd only spoken to once? The injustice of it all.

3. The Ultimate Pokemon Sabotage

I wasn't a huge fan of Pokemon cards as a kid myself, but I witnessed this drama go down first-hand many a time, especially on the bus to and from school. Anyone else remember seeing the shock and horror on someone's face when they realized their trusted pal screwed them over in a Pokemon card swap? That's a lasting impact.

4. Pranks Gone Too Far During Sleepovers

For most people, staying up late and watching scary movies is pretty much the norm when it comes to sleepovers, but if you were ever the victim of a prank gone wrong, you know just how mortifying sleepovers could be. After all, no one likes being the butt of everyone else's joke, right? Somehow, being a preteen only made this feel even worse.

5. Your Friend Always Choosing The Best Spice Girl

While this is a little embarrassing to admit now, I think we all know that we spent an inordinate amount of time pretending to be our favorite Spice Girls while listening to music and dancing around our rooms. The worst betrayal? Your best friend calling your favorite Spice Girl as "theirs" when you left the room to get more Pop-Tarts. Traitor.

6. Accidentally (Or "Accidentally") Destroying Your Favorite Beanie Baby

If we were lucky enough to have our parents buy us Beanie Babies, we all heard the "Keep this in mint condition, because we can sell it to pay for your college tuition later" talk, right? Inevitably, of course, these adorable toys became damaged through wear and tear... and your buddy accidentally spilling an entire bottle of orange soda on your Princess Diana Beanie Baby. Sigh.

7. Refusing To Follow The Choreography

Just like pretending to be your favorite Spice Girl, you know you choreographed elaborate dances to go along with your favorite songs, especially if an actual music video hadn't been released yet (or if you just never managed to make it home in time for TRL). Who knows, maybe you'd even get scouted? But one of the worst friend betrayals was when someone dubbed your choreography "impossible" and tried to move in on your spot as director.

8. Tripping You At The Roller Rink

Remember all the times you and your gang went to the rollerskating rink for birthday parties and eighth grade graduations? In my area, we actually tended to go to ice skating instead (hello, New England), but this actually only made it all the more painful — literally and figuratively — when someone tripped you as a "joke." Ouch.

9. Refusing To Trade Lunchables On Field Trips

I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm willing to bet we all went on at least one field trip in school when everyone's parents packed them a Lunchable. After all, they're super portable and easy to eat on the school bus, right? Anyway, there was no greater pleasure than having everyone trade portions of their Lunchable for the sake of variety -- You know, a pepperoni pizza for a ham-and-cheese cracker sandwich, a Crunch bar for an Oreo, etc. Now, if you got stuck with the worst Lunchable and no one wanted to trade even a single personal pizza with you... That hurt.

10. Falling Asleep On The Phone

Remember when we didn't all have cell phones? That meant we spent a lot of time talking on the landline with our friends, especially when we needed to unload our preteen dating woes. The ultimate betrayal of '90s betrayals? Someone falling asleep while on the phone with you while you were in the middle of an emotional breakthrough regarding your crush in third period. The worst.

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