Is Wells Single After 'The Bachelorette'? He Has Been Linked To Another 'Bachelor' Alum

As much as I adore the adorable Wells on The Bachelorette , I must acknowledge that he isn't a frontrunner when it comes to winning JoJo's heart. Assuming he doesn't end up with JoJo (I'm just being realistic here, you guys), is Wells single after The Bachelorette? While the radio DJ can't reveal anything about his personal life on his multiple social media accounts as he's still on the show, there have been reports about his love life from the spies of Bachelor Nation.

I'm not a fan of Reality Steve spoilers, but he did offer some particularly juicy gossip when it comes to whom Wells might be dating post-Bachelorette. Before JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette even started airing, Wells was spotted at a Paul Simon concert in Nashville with another Bachelor alum — Carly Waddell. Yeah, that's right. Carly from Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise Season 2. Of course from the fan-snapped photos, it's not clear whether it was a date or just a casual outing, but when two contestants are seen together, what else is Bachelor Nation to think?

While Wells being spotted with Carly even before his Bachelorette season premiered does not bode well for his chances with JoJo, I am thinking that maybe this Paul Simon concert wasn't actually a date. First off, Carly posted on her Instagram about watching The Bachelorette this season and doing a pool. Perhaps I am too honest in my Bachelorette watching, but it definitely would seem like a conflict of interest for her to be romantically linked to Wells while betting on who will win JoJo's heart.

The second, and more legitimate, reason I don't think Wells and Carly are dating is because it was announced that Carly will be on Bachelor in Paradise again when it returns for Season 3 in August. She had her heart broken by Kirk when she was on BiP in Season 2, but that isn't deterring her from going for her third attempt at finding Bachelor love. What would the point be of dating Wells if she already knew she'd be on Bachelor in Paradise? Am I being too naive again?

What I think was actually going down with the Paul Simon concert was that Bachelor alums living in the same city with similar careers were meeting up. On Carly's current Twitter bio, she describes herself as a "Nashville newbie" and Wells is a radio DJ in Nashville. Considering Wells is a DJ and Carly is a singer, it makes total sense to me that they went to a concert together — Wells could have even been offering some local knowledge to Carly, because he's that nice of a guy. Just look this photo of him and his mom he posted on Instagram! This is the type of man that could take a woman to a concert without it necessarily being a date (says my delusional Wells-loving self).

Carly clearly loves being a part of Bachelor Nation since she keeps coming back for more, so another theory is she wanted to swap Bachelor stories with Wells. I mean, even her brother Zak was a contestant in the franchise when he was a suitor on Desiree Hartsock's season, so maybe she can only interact with people who have been on a version of The Bachelor.

I will continue to root for Wells until JoJo officially doesn't give him a rose, but if she does let this man go, then he totally deserves to find love somewhere else. Carly is going to be occupied on Bachelor in Paradise soon anyway, so how about Wells give some girls who aren't on The Bachelor a chance?

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC