Perfect Memes To Help You Wait For 'AHS' Season 6

There are a few things we know about the return of Ryan Murphy and co.'s FX masterpiece, American Horror Story. One, newcomer Lady Gaga, vets like Evan Peters, and basically everyone that was at 2016 PaleyFest (aka Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Finn Wittrock, Denis O'Hare and Matt Bomer) will most likely return for the sixth season. Two, the upcoming season's mysterious logo looks like this (which I'm sure will eventually inspire a lot of American Horror Story memes). Three, the theme may have to do with children. Four, FX just announced the official American Horror Story Season 6 premiere date, which is Wednesday, September 14 at 10 p.m. Five, I cannot flipping wait.

Needless to say, it's already been a cruel summer. Tom Hiddleston is off the market and we all learned Scandal won't actually return this fall. Waiting for the return of other fall TV shows (including, of course, American Horror Story), isn't making it any easier. But, I have something that will help — and no, it's not just Zac Efron's abs in Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates . (Although, those will definitely help.) We have to anxiously await 10 long weeks until AHS comes back, and what better way to get through them than with these timeless and spot-on memes the show has provided over the last few years? That's right, there is none. Allow these to help and we'll get through the next few months together.

Week 1 (Through July 12): You Realize AHS Is Coming Back... But Then Reality Sets In

10 more weeks? Fuuuuuuq.

Week 2 (Through July 19): You Convert A Friend Into A Fan To Kill Some Time And Give You An Excuse For A Rewatch

It's all coming back to you now.

Week 3 (Through July 26): The Marathoning Hurts So Good

Still, you don't regret it.

Week 4 (Through August 2): You Start Having Pep Talks With Yourself

Even when you start to crumble, you know you're better than that. Sort of.

Week 5 (Through August 9): You Try Doing Other Things To Stay Preoccupied

Nothing quite works, though.

Week 6 (Through August 16): Just When You're About To Lose It, Some More Deets Come Out


Week 7 (Through August 23): Your Curiosity, And Google, Eventually Get The Best Of You

I blame Siri.

Week 8 (Through August 30): You've Come So Far, But Now You're Really Losing Your Sh*t

Everyone has a breaking point. This is ours.

Week 9 (Through September 6): You Eventually Make Your Way Into Delirium

It's better this way.

Week 10 (Through September 13, One Day Before The Premiere): It's Been A Rough Few Weeks, But You Did It

You're a true warrior.

And always remember: We're in this together, guys.

Images: FX; Angelorvm/Tumblr; Daisybeat/Tumblr (2); Abbyink/Tumblr; Meetyouatthesunset/Tumblr; Stovathossipsis/Tumblr (2); Ewanalive/Tumblr; Hellagoode/Tumblr