Hair Bleaching Myths You Don't Need To Worry About

When it comes to beauty myths, there’s an awful lot of nonsense floating about in the ether, such as my personal favorite: Brushing your hair one hundred times per night will make it grow longer. When it comes to hair color, there’s a myriad of myths about bleaching your hair and the best thing is, you don’t need to worry about a lot of them.

After speaking to a handful of hairstylists, I’ve uncovered the truth behind the myths, so you can go platinum with your eyes open and with a bunch of facts under your belt, rather than what ifs and maybes. Because, it’s summer time and there couldn’t be a more perfectly seasonal time to go blonder.

Just this year a whole host of celebs have swapped their ‘dos for lighter hues. Kristen Stewart’s bleached hair was a very different style to her normally dark tresses, Taylor Swift nearly broke the internet when she went platinum blonde earlier this year, and more recently, Lauren Conrad’s platinum hair has caused a stir.

So if you’re a little wary about becoming a bottle blonde, here are some myths that have been well and truly smashed by experts in the know.

1. Bleaching Often Goes Wrong, Even In Salons

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but have you ever seen platinum princess Gwen Stefani with a botched bleach job? Me neither. Gwen Stefani's locks are an example that with the right expertise, bleaching needn't ever go badly. Tyler Colton, a Honey Hairstylist says, "With today's advances in technology with hair products, there is no longer any reason to worry about bleaching your hair. The only thing you will need to worry about is finding the right hair colorist to do it for you. Without this there is plenty to worry about! And do not try this at home, you will for sure end up unhappy with your result!"

Although it might be enticing to bleach your hair at home, Principle Colorist at Antonio Prieto Salon, Lawrence Wesley, agrees that seeking professional help is the best move. Wesley says, "Be sure to see a professional hair colorist when using bleach. It’s still a chemical that should be left to the professionals."

2. Bleach Damages Your Hair Beyond Repair

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Wesley explains, "The technology of bleach is basically the same after all these years, but there are several new products on the market that are bond protectors. Olaplex is one we use that is added to the lightener to protect and strengthen the bonds of your hair during the lightening process. The second step to this is a conditioning treatment that is done after the lightening."

In addition to this, Wesley says, "Most of the glossing products that add the desired tones after bleaching have no ammonia, low peroxide, and have some sort of protein base which helps to condition your hair and not chemically stress it." It seems as long as your hair is in the hands of a professional, you needn't worry about damaging your hair to the point of no return.

3. There's No Point Bleaching Your Hair Because Your Tone Won't Last Long

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I've often imagined bleaching my hair, but I've been put off by the hearsay that your desired shade doesn't last long. Wesley tells me, "When using the proper at home regimen, you can keep your newly bleached locks the tone you want with pigmented shampoos and conditioners like Shu Uemura’s Color Lustre, cool or warm conditioners, Davines Copper, or silver shampoos and conditioners." TBH, I've not heard of the majority of those products, so if I decide to take the plunge into platinum, at least I now know how to keep my hair color as close to how it looks when I leave the salon, for as long as possible.

4. You Have To Wash Your Hair Before Getting It Bleached

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Laura Estroff, hairstylist at Kennaland, says, "This is a big no no! The oils from your hair help to protect your scalp during the bleaching process. Not to mention, the act of washing your hair agitates your scalp causing unnecessary irritation." However tempting it may be, do not wash your hair before getting it bleached!

5. Pastel Colors Wash Out Easily & You'll Be Left With Your Original Platinum Shade

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Estroff says, "A common misconception is that you can add a fashion or pastel color to your platinum locks and it will just wash out and you can return to your usual platinum. Bleached hair is very porous and can absorb colors unevenly, and hold on to them for longer than expected. There is no guarantee that you can return to your original shade of blonde." By all means, play about with trendy colors and fashionable rainbow hair, but remember, when it all comes out in the wash you might not end up with your original platinum blonde tresses.

It doesn't always pay to listen to myths and urban beauty legends. Instead, it's safe to say we should all take heed of this expert advice when it comes to bleaching our hair!