Gifs That Will Make You Say, 'Me Because Mondays'

Although my dread of Mondays has greatly decreased since I started living that remote-writer-life nearly a year ago, I'm no stranger to the plethora of negative emotions that Mondays can inspire. Back when I was working in healthcare administration, I dreaded Mondays so much that even my Sundays would end up feeling a little bit like a Monday. Nowadays, I absolutely love my job, but sometimes I still have a difficult time getting motivated when Monday rolls around — because weekend vibes aren't always easy to shake. So if you feel like you're your grumpiest, most-bummed-out-self on Mondays, I feel you. In fact, I feel you so much that I went ahead and put together a slough of gifs that will make you say, "me because Mondays."

Of course, if you work in retail, the food service industry, or any other gig where set schedules and weekends off sound like a dream come true instead of something to complain about, then The Monday Blues may not be a thing for you. Heck, Mondays might be your Saturdays. Even if you don't work a Monday-through-Friday kind of job, though, everyone has a Monday of sorts — so I think we can all agree that, sometimes, Mondays just suck.

So without further ado, here are 17 gifs that will make you say, "me because Mondays."

1. When You Wake Up On Monday And Realize You Have To Handle The Work You Should Have Finished On Friday

Because putting off Friday's work until Monday isn't a horrible way to start off a new week. (Not.)

2. When You Choose Monday Morning To Start Wearing Eyeliner Again

Hey, don't beat yourself up. Eyeliner is hard!

3. When It's Monday Morning And You Take Public Transportation To Work

Hold onto your butts. And your bags. And your seat — if you're lucky enough to snag one.

4. When You're Already Late — And Then You Get Stuck In Monday Morning Traffic

Because road rage is real, and it's really real on Mondays.

5. When It's Monday And You Didn't Do Laundry On Sunday

Who decided sweatpants and t-shirts weren't appropriate office attire anyway?

6. When It's Monday And You Got Your Hair Done On Saturday

Get it, girl.

7. When It's Monday And You're Hungover AF — But You're Too Awesome To Call In

Good for you, my mostly responsible friend! Now go ahead and get yourself some coffee STAT.

8. When It's Monday Morning And You Got Up Super Late

Because some days you make it to work on time, and other days you hit snooze for an hour and a half.

9. When It's Monday And You Don't Feel Up To Socializing With Your Coworkers

If you'd only managed to look busier when they walked by your desk, then maybe, just maybe all of this could have been avoided...

10. When You Wake Up Monday Morning After Spending Your Weekend Partying Instead Of Sleeping

Because sometimes making unforgettable memories trumps staying in bed for 48 hours straight.

11. When It's Monday Morning But You Don't Even Care Because You Spent Your Weekend Having Good Sex

Because multiple orgasms + cuddle time = good vibes only.

12. When You Wake Up Monday Morning And Immediately Get Your Period

Now you get to spend the entirety of your workweek shedding your uterine lining while you simultaneously try to hide from your coworkers, get your work done, and scroll Instagram without getting caught by your boss. Awesome.

13. When It's Monday Morning But You Work From Home

What can I say? Working remotely is kind of the best thing ever.

14. When Your Monday Morning Was So Crazy You Had To Skip Breakfast

Here's hoping no one tries to talk to you before lunchtime — because if you're anything like me, then you're probably legit terrifying when you're hangry.

15. When It's A Monday But It's Also A Holiday

Oh, happy day! If only every weekend could be a three day weekend, am I right?

16. When It's Tuesday But Monday Was A Holiday

On the upside, you're one day closer to Friday. On the downside? You're probably going to write the wrong date on everything for the next four days. Have fun with that.

17. When It's Monday But You're OK With It Because You Have A Crush On One Of Your Coworkers

Haven't we all been here before? I know I have, and it didn't suck.

Images: Pixabay; Giphy/(17)