OMG! Are Kat Von D's Perfumes Returning?

Kat Von D Beauty is launching so many brand new products this year, from the Serpentina palette to the new face-focused Lock-It brushes to that mysterious Alchemist palette. She is also adding new shades and new packaging for her Lock-It Foundation, the brand's cornerstone product. KVD Beauty is truly a powerhouse in the alt beauty world. But enough about shadows and brushes and top secret collabs with Too Faced. What about the past? Who out there remembers Kat Von D's Saint & Sinner perfumes, which are no longer available at Sephora?

NOTE: Kat Von D Beauty PR got back to Bustle via email to confirm that the perfumes will be available in 2017.

Well, Saint is still around and available on the Kat Von D Beauty website for $45 and is packaged in a gorgeous silver case. But what about its counterpart? Sinner was discontinued, despite protests from passionate Kat Von D-evotees. Is Sinner making a comeback amid all these new launches?

Well, the brand posted a photo of black and white, globe-like perfume bottles, featuring the signature Kat Von D gothic aesthetic, asking fans if they are excited about the return of these two scents. So, go ahead and "OMG" and fangirl your face off if you wore Sinner and had your heart crushed into millions of tiny pieces when it was yanked from the lineup of Kat Von D Beauty offerings. Because it's coming back!

Those bottles will upscale any bureau or vanity on which they sit. I love the wrought iron look of the packaging. These are mini works of art, which is to be expected, since Kat Von D is a tattoo artist above all.

As to be expected, fans are stoked. The brand did not confirm the exact release date or roll out for the perfumes in the Insta post. Bustle reached out to Kat Von D Beauty PR for further details about Saint and Sinner. We'll let you know if and when we hear back.

Welcome back, Saint and Sinner. In addition to the return of the fragrances, Kat Von D is also launching 13 new Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shades this year as well. And then there is The Vault, which I am dying for more deets about. I am already lusting after it because duh.

Images: Kat Von D Beauty/Instagram (1)