11 '90s Beauty Products You Should Share With Your Kids — PHOTOS

If you grew up in the ‘90s, you probably fell in love with some beauty products from the era and remember them fondly with a gleam in your eye. My advice? Stop reminiscing and bring back those items. After all, there exist some awesome '90s beauty products you should share with your kids. How else will you ensure the legacy of the decade's beauty lives on? When you’re 70 years old, you might not have many folks around who can take a trip down memory lane with you, but imagine if you could share your precious recollections and favorite ‘90s beauty products with your kids, too?

Well, there’s nothing stopping you! I'd wager that there are plenty of ‘90s beauty products you used to use — or play with, depending on your age — that you can introduce your kids to if they’ve taken an interest in the world of cosmetics. Of course, you’ll likely want to take a moment to mentally sift through items that would be age-appropriate for your offspring, especially considering there were so many crazy products aimed at kids in the 1990s, like the myriad of dangerous toys you probably encountered.

Things like brown lip liner and lip-glass might be a little too mature for your 6-year-old, but here’s a whole host of ‘90s beauty products you can share with your littler ones and big ones alike.

1. Roll-On Body Glitter

Vanilla Scented Body Glitter, $5.50, claires.com

Body glitter will make your little one feel like a fairy princess or prince. Make sure to opt for the roll-on kind, otherwise you'll be cleaning up glitter for weeks.

2. Stick-On Earrings

Woodland Creatures Stick-On Earrings, $4.50, claires.com

Stick-on earrings are an awesome choice for kids who like emulating their older siblings or playing dress-up, because they can pretend to be a grown-up like mommy. Using stick-on earrings could be compared to the times you used to try on your mom's high heels and lipstick, but with less danger and mess.

3. Caboodles

'90s Caboodles Makeup or Art Supplies Box, $40, etsy.com

Perhaps your child is the next Marie Kondo or a makeup artist in the making? Seeing as many '90s kids loved hauling around their super organized Caboodles with their beauty collection inside, your kid will probably enjoy it just as much as you did.

4. Coppertone Kids Sunscreen

Coppertone Kids Wacky Foam SPF 70 6 Fluid Ounce, $13.94, amazon.com

When you were a kid, you probably enjoyed applying a Coppertone sunscreen that made you look like a Smurf. Try out this modern adaptation "Wacky Foam," which is sure to make protecting your family's skin a fun activity, rather than a chore.

5. Lip Smackers

Lip Smacker Dr Pepper Flavored Lip Balm, $3.50, claires.com

Although your kid may end up licking most of this stuff off, they'll probably be enthralled by a lip balm that tastes like some of their favorite sweet treats.

6. Nail Stickers

Lisa Frank Beauty And Cosmetics Lot Of 3 Sets, $15, etsy.com

Play beauty salon with your mini manucurist and have fun doing each other's nails. Bonus: You don't have to use nail varnish, but if you want longevity, you could paint over your stickers with clear polish or a top coat, which means less worries if it gets knocked over on the carpet.

7. Hair Mascara

Awen Joyous Glitter Powder Hair Mascara Temporary Instant Hair Color Dye (6 Colors,) $29.99, amazon.com

Have fun giving your kid's dolls or toys a makeover or try out hair mascara on each other to show your child how easy it is to experiment with personal style.

8. Color-Changing Lipstick

5x Magic Moroccan Lipstick (24h,) $22.60, etsy.com

Become a magician as you demonstrate before your child's very eyes the hypnotic magic of color-changing lipstick. Because they're only young once, and before you know it they'll stop believing in the Tooth Fairy and Santa.

9. Hair Crimpers

'90s Conair Light Blue Hair Crimper Tested And Works, $12, etsy.com

Introduce your child to hair crimpers, aka the greatest hair tool of all time, for some wavy, fierce, fun hairstyles that'll likely last days.

10. L'Oréal Kids Shampoo

L'Oréal Kids Strawberry Smoothie 2-In-1 Shampoo For Extra Softness 9.0 Fluid Ounce, $2.99, amazon.com

With a bottle that's shaped like a fish and a "no tears" promise, you and your kid can have much more fun when it comes to bath time.

11. Temporary Tattoos

'90s Lisa Frank Halloween Glitter Tattoos, $16, etsy.com

Little rebels without a cause will adore wearing temporary tattoos. Pick designs in their favorite characters to win the Best Parent Award.

So stock up on your fave '90s beauty products and share them with your fave mini me or tribe. Have a blast while you divulge some of your beloved childhood memories with your own kids.

Images: Courtesy Brands (11)