What Your Fave '90s Beauty Trend Says About You

Brown lipstick. Bright blue eyeshadow. Body glitter. These are some of the best '90s beauty trends, all of which can surprisingly say a lot about their wearer. Beauty trends from the '90s were so unique and individual to their time that your favorite can reveal a lot about your psyche. As most folks living above rocks likely know, classic '90s looks like frosted lips and hair tendrils are making their way into the beauty forefront yet again, so what better time to analyze their implications?

Let's be real: The beauty trends of yesteryear weren't exactly ones most of us were eager to hold onto moving forward into the 2000s. Crimped hair and thin eyebrows didn't last the test of time. But with the revival of '90s fashion and accessories (including chokers and flannels), there has been a general rise of '90s beauty. Not everyone is cut to try these über '90s trends in 2016, but we all probably have some slightly embarrassing yet admittedly adorable favorites from the bunch — all of which can say a lot about our personalities, tastes, and attitudes.

So whether you adore the bright blue eyeshadow look or prefer the dark, matte brown lips of the decade, this is what your favorite '90s beauty trend says about you. If you thought you were going to get away with spiky hair without giving away your spunky nature, then think again.

1. Body Glitter

If body glitter is your favorite trend from the '90s, it's likely because you're the life of the party and always end up mesmerizing the crowd. From your mega smile to your glistening eyes, and down to the sparkling glitter covering every visible spot on your body, you're number-one on every guest list. That energy and happy demeanor are simply infectious. So much so that no one's even mad you're leaving a trail of glitter in your wake.

2. Thin Eyebrows

JON LEVY/AFP/Getty Images

Pencil-thin brows weren't exactly the most timeless trend from the '90s. Even so, you love how celebs like Drew Barrymore and Courtney Love rocked the stark aesthetic with unexpected styles, like halter dresses and floral hair pins. Just like the look, your personality is all about the unexpected. You choose the road less traveled, and you are your own trendsetter.

3. Blue Eyeshadow

You would describe your personal aesthetic as bright, bold, and striking. Which is precisely why blue eyeshadow is your favorite '90s beauty look. Not only is it all of those things, but it also allows you to express your love of color through makeup, swapping out your basic neutral tones for unique, stunning blue shadows. Since you're a creative, blue eyeshadow is the perfect beauty choice on days when you can't pick up a paint brush.

4. Spiky Hair

Some people might look at the above photo of Claire Danes and cringe. In truth, her spiky hair was all about her feisty nature. You have a courageous and gutsy attitude; always willing to take a chance and never regretting a decision regardless of its outcome. Whether that means trying something new on the menu, or taking a year off to go backpacking in a foreign land, you are enthusiastic and always looking forward to the next step.

5. Brown Lipstick

PA/AFP/Getty Images

Just like brown lipstick might suggest, you are seductive and alluring. The dark lippie shade is not only a tribute to the products you used to steal from your mom's collection when she insisted you were too young, but also to your mature, wise character. Sure, you may have been too young for dark lipstick in 1997, but now the classic, fierce brown lip of the '90s is your go-to aesthetic.

6. Mini Buns

Your playful, outgoing personality makes you a true social butterfly. You have close friends on every major continent, and connections that sometimes have you shaking hands with CEOs by lunchtime. Fun mini buns reveal your genuine, unique, and captivating nature, as well as your ability to infuse humor and fun into everything you do.

7. Dark Lip Liner

Three words that best describe you? Determined, passionate, and headstrong. You like the way dark lip liner, worn just like the supermodels of the '90s, draws attention to your eloquent and fierce speech, whether you're at work giving a presentation or posting a funny, DJ Khaled-esque motivational video on Snapchat. When you're not killing it at your 9-to-5, you're either working on your ab exercises or watching The Devil Wears Prada for the millionth time. After all, Miranda Priestly is your spirit animal.

8. Lavender Eyeshadow

You're the Kylie Jenner of your friend group, because everything you do, you do for the 'gram — or the tweet, or the Vine. You're a well-connected, socially savvy media queen who isn't afraid of trying something new. Ever since you rocked '90s lavender eyeshadow for the first time, it has become a fan favorite with your followers. You adore how the unexpected yet pretty hue perfectly portrays your charming allure. It's only a matter of time before your followers start emulating your #lavendereyes.

9. Butterfly Clips

Butterfly clips, although a super outdated '90s trend, perfectly represent you and your bubbly, friendly aura. You're a a true extrovert and find yourself in social situations often, which is great because they are where you thrive and feel most comfortable. Whether you're out on the town with friends, or at a fascinating book club meeting, you love how dainty, pretty butterfly clips keep your eyes open to absorb all the action around you.

10. Frosted Lipstick

Confidence is your middle name. Whether you're rocking designs right off the runway or a burlap sack, you can make anything look good with your poise, posture, and alluring nature. While most people avoid the frost finish in lipsticks these days, you prefer looking like supermodels from the '90s through a timeless aesthetic that will always be chic. Just like Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista, you're a strong, confident babe who is comfortable in her own skin.

11. Hair Tendrils

If it were up to you, you would turn back time and live in England circa the early 20th century, when girls wore silk gloves, men wore tailored suits, and life was more traditional. But since that's impossible, you settle for a look inspired by Cher Horowitz in Clueless : aka the '90s version of Jane Austen's Emma. Keeping a few strands of hair out of your expertly-done up-do to frame your face, hair tendrils make you look romantic and show off your classical tastes. Oh, and they are the perfect accessory when saying "as if!"

12. Crimped Hair

You were voted the class clown for senior superlatives, and it couldn't be a more perfect title for you. Family and friends love having you around because your lighthearted nature takes any tough situation and turns it into an opportunity to make people laugh. Your love of crimped hair — a look that is always fun and slightly ridiculous — reflects your ability to not take yourself too seriously and always make a joke.

13. Rhinestones

You are a total drama queen and you know it. But your ability to make people wonder whether you're the star of a reality TV show is part of the reason you're so entertaining to be around. You're like a magnet for craziness, and you're always running into random people everywhere you go. The shaped and colorful rhinestones of the '90s accurately portray your love of being in the spotlight, as well as your personable nature, and (duh!) your appreciation of anything and everything sparkly.

Whether you wear these beauty trends today or not, it's crazy how your favorite '90s look can reveal so much about you. I never would have guessed that my love of lavender eyeshadow would give me away. Oops, I've said too much already.