7 Positions That Will Become Your Faves

According to the Kamasutra, there are some 100 sex positions. Although, I’m sure, if you really wanted to get creative during sex or were some sort of double-jointed contortionist, you could probably come up with a few more. Let’s just hope you don’t maim yourself in the process, because sex injuries are very real… said the woman who once fell out of bed and sprained her wrist. But that was in college; since then I’ve become more proficient with the girl on top position.

But no matter how many sex positions there are in existence, I think most of us can agree that we have a favorite or two. Even if you’re the type of person who loves sex in every position, just as long as you’re getting it on, even you can probably narrow it down to a couple positions that totally blow your mind. And even if you do have a couple positions that rank high on your scale of favorites, there might be positions out there you may even like more. What am I saying? If you haven’t tried them all, then you really don’t know what your favorites are, do you?

Because you can never stop exploring and evolving in your sexuality, I present you seven sex positions that are very likely to become your favorites. It’s OK to play favorites when it comes to sex. Remember, these positions work for two women as well.

1. On Top

How to do it: Well, as the name suggests, get on top of your partner. Then, with one leg on either side of them, lower yourself onto them.

Why it will become a favorite: Even if you’re self-conscious about being on top, the clitoral stimulation factor trumps that fleeting insecurity. When you’re on top, you’re in charge, so you get to control just how much clitoral stimulation you need and want to orgasm.

2. Modified Doggy Style

How to do it: After you get on your hands and knees, you want to lean forward so you’re lying down as opposed to being on all fours. From here, spread your legs apart a bit so your partner can get between your thighs and enter you from behind.

Why it will become a favorite: If you’re someone who love deep penetration, then doggy style position will immediately find its way to the top of your list. But what makes the modified doggy style so good, is that you’re lying down and with your partner lying on top of you, you can feel their body against you which adds a level of intimacy to standard doggy style. It’s also great if you have a male partner with a penis that’s on the smaller side, because any entry from the back is deeper and therefore feels more intense.

3. Spooning

How to do it: Have your partner get on their side then, with your back to them cuddle up against them. From here, they will enter you from behind — which might require a little bit of finagling and you lifting your leg to get them in there.

Why it will become a favorite: Sideways sex is awesome. Since you’re already in the spooning cuddle position, you can have sex, then go to sleep right afterward. When you wake up and it's time for morning sex, you can cuddle up against each other again and go for another round. It’s easy, comfortable, intimate, and if you add a vibrator or your fingers to the mix for clitoral stimulation, you might just consider it the perfect sex position.

4. Modified Missionary

How to do it: For modified missionary, start in the missionary position — but don’t worry; there’s more to it than that. From here, bend your knees and lift your hips up so you’re creating more contact between your pelvis and that of your partner.

Why it will become a favorite: For many people, missionary is regarded as a great position because it’s so intimate. Not only do you get to kiss your partner while being penetrated, but you also get to look into their eyes and see their facial expressions, which is really hot stuff. So when you take the great part of missionary and add the modified end of things, you’re getting the best of both worlds: Intimacy and clitoral stimulation, as you lift your hips to meet their pelvic bone.

5. Sideways Straddle

How to do it: Honestly, the name of this one always throws me off a bit, but once you get it figured out, it’s well worth it. Once your partner is lying down, knees bent and feet flat on the floor, straddle one of their legs while facing away from them. Then imagine their body as a clock, as Vanessa Marin wrote for Bustle: “If you’re straddling his right leg, your body will be pointing at about 7:30. If you’re on his left leg, you should be turned toward 4:30. From there, you’re essentially going to rock back and forth, rubbing against his upper thigh and pubic area.” It’s actually less complicated than it sounds, once you put the position into action.

Why it will become a favorite: The sideways straddle position is phenomenal for the female orgasm. Like, amazingly phenomenal. And, because you’re on top, you’re in complete control of your orgasm (or multiple orgasms).

6. Standing Up

How to do it: To put it simply, you’ll be having sex standing up for this one. (Based on the name, you're shocked I know!) Whether you choose the three-legged dog position (as seen above) or another position that requires that both you and your partner stand, it’s all about choosing the right position that’s comfortable for both of you.

Why it will become a favorite: Because once you can master having sex standing up, you can have sex anywhere. And I mean anywhere. If that doesn’t put it in your top three positions of all time, then I don’t know what will.

7. In A Chair

How to do it: First of all, find a chair. But not just any chair; a sturdy chair. With your partner in the chair, straddle them — either facing them or facing away from them — then lower yourself onto them. Facing them will be more intimate, but facing away will result in deeper penetration, so it’s your call.

Why it will become a favorite: Whoa nelly — does this one make for some hella deep penetration because the weight of your body is entirely on your partner. Enjoy the ride!

Images: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle (7)