"Pokemon Go" Cheats To Help You Catch 'Em All

One of the things that Pokémon trainers addicted to "Pokemon Go" may be realizing as they roam around town is that catching them all is harder than it seems. Well, if you're just too lazy to continue your Pokémon searching journey on your own, then there certainly are cheats to help you catch more Pokémon. Unlike the 10-year-old character Ash, we actually get leg pains from walking around so much, and we actually need to show up to school and work. So, what is a Pokémon trainer to do besides hope the next upgrade allows you to join Team Rocket and straight up steal other people's Pokémon?

Now, of course, some of the cheats to help you get more Pokémon are the ones provided by the game itself. But, in the end, whatever actions you take are solely up to you. What it all comes down to is how much you're willing to sacrifice to be the very best. One Pokémon trainer already managed to catch all of the Pokémon in North America, apparently, so the rest of us fledgling trainers have a lot to catch up to if we want to be able to look our childhood selves in the eye.

Gather up your Poké Balls and warm up your throwing arm. Here's how you can catch 'em all.

1. Use Lures And Incense

Let's start small. If you've already been playing the game a fair amount, then you know that lures help "lure" more Pokémon towards a designated PokéStop. And incense works as a personal lure just around you and your surrounding area. Both will cause the Pokémon to flock your way. However, if you see a lure set up by someone else nearby, feel free to head over and catch some of the Pokémon there as well. That way you don't waste your own lures or have to spend any money buying more.

2. Expand Your Time For Incense And Lucky Eggs

According to Thrillist, one of the many cheats trainers are taking advantage of is turning back the clock on their phones. All you have to do is set off a 30-minute incense, head into your phone's settings, turn off the time and date that's automatically set, and turn the clock back 30-minutes at most. That will expanding the time you have for Pokémon to head your way (and your time for bonus points if you set off a lucky egg) from a half-hour to a full-hour.

3. Use Maps That Help You Find Rare Pokémon

While some fans have been using Niantic's original app, Ingress — as well as numerous other sites — to find out where the latest PokéStops are, the website Pokévision.com can also help you search and find the exact location of a specific Pokémon. From there, you can then travel to the GPS coordinates listed to catch that one Pokémon you've been missing in your Pokédex.

4. Cheat Your Phone's GPS Signal

You can also trick your phone into thinking you're at a different location on the GPS. According to The Daily Dot, once you find the Pokémon you want on Pokévision, you can also download an unrelated FakeLocation app that will help trick your phone (and "Pokemon Go") into thinking you're at another location. Then, you can simply type in the matching coordinates of the Pokémon you're trying to catch, catch it, and move on to the next one.

5. Create More PokéStops Near You

The days of being fed up by the lack of Pokéstops nearby may soon be over. If you live in an area where you feel that there aren't enough Pokémon, all you need to do is set up more PokéStops and Pokémon gyms. Apply for a new PokéStop or gym and, if approved, watch the Pokémon flock. Approval takes a long time, though.

6. Have Your Friend Drive You Around

Walking takes too long, and car rides can be too fast. But, if you and your friends coordinate a Pokémon road trip, you can all get in the car, have one person drive (while you catch Pokémon for them), and drive slowly enough to not only hatch your eggs but also approach even more Pokémon located in different areas. If you want to go all out, fans have been compiling which Pokémon are where on Reddit. Just go where the Pokémon are.

With a "Pokemon Go" update on its way, it may not be long before some of these cheats fall out of practice. But, knowing the internet, it won't be long until there are even more cheats and hacks to go with the game's updates — thankfully.

Images: Pokémon USA; Giphy (6)