11 Trends Older GenY-ers Don't Realize Are Trends

Fashion is fickle. Just when you think you've nailed a new trend, it's already old news. Plus, some styles are just plain baffling, especially if they're not super relevant to your age group. With that in mind, there are tons of fashion trends older Millennials don't realize are a trend because — real talk — they might have reached that age during which knowing what's "cool" has ceased to matter as much.

That's certainly the case for me when it comes to music. I see my younger friends and family singing along to songs on the radio, while I just nod because I have no idea what the lyrics are, let alone the name of the tune or even the band.

I'm also beginning to see hip young things wearing strange garments that, while I don't disapprove of them, I simply don't understand. As someone born a few months shy of the '90s, I basically tread the line between being an older Millennial and a younger one, so I have the blessing/curse of being able to easily view both sides of the generational fashion coin.

Thus, my beady sartorial eye has been trained to spot trends among both younger Millennials and older ones. From my observations, I've discovered that there are some fashion trends older GenY-ers have no idea exist, probably because they've found their own unique style and stuck with it — which is kind of awesome. So here are some trends older Millennials don't realize are a thing.

1. Drop Armhole Vests

Silence + Noise High/Low Sweater Tunic Tank, $69,

Vests are casual-wear and IMO, they're supposed to be for lounging around in. How can anyone relax properly when they feel as if their boob is going to pop out of their huge arm hole? This is a question that I'm sure many older Millennials would like answered.

2. Bodysuits

Darling I Know Hooded Bodysuit, $75,

There's a reason that your younger, hipper friends take so long when they go to the bathroom and that reason is bodysuits. You probably had no idea they were even wearing one, because younger Millennials are sneaky like that.

3. Wearing Leggings As Pants

Stripe Waist Leggings Grey, $19.20,

If there's one trend that makes older Millennials feel ancient, it's when younger ones rock leggings as pants. That said, this is one I totally side with older Millennials on. Please put some real pants on. We're just a little prudish about butt cracks, guys. It's all too modern for us.

4. Wearing Workout Gear IRL

Seamless Keyhole Mesh Detailed Crop Tee by Ivy Park, $36,

It all went downhill after the 1990s, when people started wearing sweatpants around the house instead of for exercising in. Now, folks are wearing skintight workout gear, cropped hoodies, and high-tech sneakers for a trip to the grocery store and other non-athletic events. Older Millennials find this notion completely bonkers.

5. Midi Rings

Set Of Six Gold Turquoise Alloy Gold Ring Set With Midi Rings, $12,

When younger Millennials rock midi rings, older ones are likely wondering what they're using to stop them from falling off, worrying about them catching on things, or feeling confused about how midi ring-wearers can still bend their fingers.

6. Bralettes

Andrew Toth/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For older Millennials, especially those who rock larger busts, bralettes probably look like two tiny triangles of lace that are there solely for decoration. Sure, older Millennials understand that they're beautiful and all, but do younger ones really have to keep getting their bralettes out at any given opportunity? Everybody gets it: You've got the prettiest underwear around.

7. Belt Bags

Nila Anthony I'm A Suede 4 U Belt Bag, $28.80,

Isn't a belt bag just a fanny pack with a new name? Are the fashion gods purposely trying to mess with older Millennials' heads? We will never know.

8. Low-Rise Jeans

G-Star Arc 3D Low Boyfriend Jeans, $178,

Wait a second... Weren't low-rise jeans popular like two seconds ago back in the early '00s? How are they a trend again already?! Older Millennials might not have liked these the first time around, so they probably won't like them now, either.

9. Micro Tattoos

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're going to go through all the pain and expense of getting a tattoo, you may as well get a design you can actually see and that will hold up well over time, am I right?

10. Fake Septum Rings

Fake Septum Ring, $16.99,

Older Millennials grew up in the grunge era, so it's likely that if they were into the scene, they might have gotten a piercing (or three) in their youth. Therefore, older GenY-ers may turn their noses up at the non-committal faux piercings that are trendy right now, in particular fake septum rings.

11. Wearing Socks With Sandals

Francois Durand/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

No, no, a million times no! Socks with sandals remind older Millennials of their grumpy, crusty geography teachers who would take them on yawn-tastic school trips wearing their monstrous sandals and off-white socks. There will never be any socks cool enough for older Millennials to deem worthy to wear with sandals. Sorry guys, it's just never going to happen.

Although Millennials of all ages have many things in common, such as their shared love of the Spice Girls, Friends, and their aspirations to become cat ladies, older GenY-ers may as well be from Mars and younger ones from Venus when it comes to style.

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