The Twins Leaving 'Bachelor in Paradise' Is A Tragedy Because They Were The Emotional Cores Of The Season

On Monday's episode of Bachelor in Paradise, we said goodbye to two very special people: Emily and Haley Ferguson, otherwise known as the twins. Otherwise known as my rock. Throughout the emotional ups and downs of Bachelor in Paradise, only Emily and Haley could ground me. When things got too serious, I could count on Emily and Haley to eat bananas or get tipsy off one drink. When I couldn't articulate something myself, Emily and Haley could tell me what I was thinking. The twins were the greatest Greek chorus on Bachelor in Paradise, and, for that, they will be forever missed. (When I say forever I mean as long as this show's still on air, so for at least another few weeks.)

Speaking of forever, I swore that I could see it in their eyes, but, alas, the twins decided that Daniel, nor Brett (lamp guy), nor Carl (guy whose name no-one can remember) were really doing it for them, so they decided to take themselves — and all of their wonderful floral rompers — out of the running. They cried. I cried. America collectively cried. But they came into this world together so they shall leave Bachelor in Paradise together.


The twins weren't the typical Greek chorus in the way that say, Tanner Tolbert, was of seasons yore. They didn't offer up the kind of acerbic commentary that Carly Waddell has mastered. Instead, they provided us with a different kind of perspective. One that was rooted in selflessness, as these two seemed to consistently put the needs of others before their own. What I mean is, not once did either Haley or Emily throw someone under the bus to stay on paradise. In fact, it seemed that they were most interested in seeing their friends find love. We saw this come to a head when they told Amanda their concerns regarding Josh's temper right before leaving. What I'm saying is, Haley and Emily handled their time in paradise, right up to their exit, gracefully. Plus, they were, and are, straight up hilarious.

Take for instance, some tips Emily gave about making the first move in one of her ITMs. They included "try some small talk to loosen him up" and "turn on your side so your lips are prepared." Juxtaposed were her doing all these things to Jared, while Jared — who at this point had been the most noncommittal contestant in paradise — casually ignored her advances. Classic.

Then, there was that time Emily got noticeably tipsy off — wait for it — one beer. At that point, Jared decided to come say hello. To ease the uncomfortableness of the situation (being drunk off one beer in front of the man you are pursuing while he massages your shoulders) she says "I’m pretty tight, right?" Then she cried and pleaded for the other women to braid her hair. It was an innocently glorious few minutes of television.


But not only were the twins the comic relief of this show, they were also the emotional backbone. The twins are, by every stretch of the imagination, beautiful. But even they are prone to insecurities. We see it in Emily, after Jared chooses Caila over her. We see it in Haley, too, when she goes on the date with Brandon and decides to Parent Trap him (aka switch identities mid-date with Emily) to see if he notices. Though it was covered with the guise of "Isn't this hilarious, this dude doesn't even notice that's not me," it stemmed from a real place. Haley wanted to make sure that someone was interested in her for who she is — not because she's pretty and happens to be a twin.


Before a rose ceremony that put the two of them on the "chopping block," Emily asked Haley "what does vulnerable even mean?" Not only was the inquiry adorable and sweet, it spoke to the specific type of anxiety the other beautiful women on the show likely face. It also spoke to why we watch BiP in the first place — to gain insight into the psychology of love. What it feels like to want it and not have it, to have it and not want it, or to lose it. Plus, asking "what does vulnerable mean" while one is crying on national TV might be the most vulnerable thing one can do. It was an honest question and a humanizing moment for the franchise.


Though they joked "We are so dumb!" after the question, the twins are not stupid, and to write them off as such would be a disservice. Both Haley and Emily are perhaps the most emotionally intelligent bunch of the cast, always privy to what's going on with each other and with their friends. Though a history class might teach you that the first president of the U.S. was not Abraham Lincoln, it won't teach you that. That's something Haley and Emily just have. It's what makes them unique in this often superficial franchise.

The twins. A true national treasure and the real MVPs of paradise. You will be missed.

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