A Guide To Figuring Out Which 'BiP' Twin Is Which

As one of the twins from Bachelor in Paradise noted during the Season 3 premiere, if you really love one of them, you can tell them apart. Well, I may not be in love with Haley and Emily from Bachelor in Paradise , but I have tried my damnedest to figure out who is who during their second go at finding love on national television. The ABC dating show has barely even attempted to distinguish the two women and while that's part of the humor of Bachelor in Paradise, the twins from Ben's season of The Bachelor are separate individuals and if the drunk guys in Mexico can decipher who is Haley Ferguson and who is Emily Ferguson, then so can I!

In their first interview for Bachelor in Paradise, they claimed that their noses, eyes, lips, face shapes, teeth, toes, hands, boobs, and butts are different. "Seriously, everything about us is different," said one of the twins. However, the show isn't making telling them apart easy on viewers. When one of them was giving commentary about Lace and Chad during the Aug. 2 episode, Bachelor in Paradise legitimately put on the screen "Haley or Emily." Yes, that is hilarious, Bachelor in Paradise, but far from helpful. (Pretty sure it was Haley though.)

Yet, the twins are also to blame a bit for the confusion. Of course, they should dress and wear their hair and makeup however they want, but parting their hair on the same side, having identical belly button piercings, and wearing similar clothing makes it hard to differentiate between the two. I did some investigating on the twins' Instagram accounts to see if their clothing choices were more unique in regular life versus when they are on TV. I discovered that Haley wears a decent amount of red, blue, black, and white — and, unfortunately, the same can pretty much be said for Emily. Their wardrobes are adorable with dresses and rompers, but they aren't distinctive enough — and often are coordinated — so you won't get much insight into who is who based on their clothing.

Even without Bachelor in Paradise or the twins assisting me at all, after tireless research, I have come up with these six questions to ask when you're watching BiP to help tell these identical twins apart. Not every rule will work 100 percent of the time, but here are some ways you might be able to pick out who is Haley and who is Emily.

Who Is Sitting On The Left?

If you're looking at the screen when both twins are being interviewed, Haley is typically sitting to the left of Emily. This is not a hard and fast rule, but it's a good rule of thumb. (Ah, remember the good old Bachelor days when you could identify the twins because Emily injured her thumb?) And here's a tip: See which order their names appear on screen and that's the order they are sitting in.

Who Has More Earrings?

Because the twins part their hair on the right side (which is the left side if you're looking at them on screen), their right ears are usually more exposed. While both women have their cartilage pierced, Emily is the one who has more piercings down the entirety of her ear. (She is the one in the red lace dress in the above gif based on the tags from this Instagram photo.) Of course, this rule might change if Haley gets her rook pierced like she mentioned in a tweet from July, but at least when you're watching them on Bachelor in Paradise, know that more earrings equals Emily.

Who Is Not Drinking?

As the first episode of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 proved, sometimes drinking copious amounts of alcohol is not the best call (ahem, Chad). Well, Haley will never have that issue since she wrote in her Bachelor profile that she doesn't drink or party. Yet, this is a tricky rule to follow since in the above photo, Haley has a glass in her hand as she chats with Nick. Maybe she has changed her stance on drinking since The Bachelor, but whether that's the case or not, be wary of identifying the twins with this rule or you'll be seeing double.

Who Is Reluctant To Give A High Five?

If you see one of the twins looking displeased about a high five, that's gotta be Emily since Haley noted that her twin sister does not like high fives after Canadian Daniel gave her one during the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise. Since it's not an overly romantic gesture, here's hoping that high five with Daniel will be the first and last that Emily experiences in Paradise.

Who Needs To Catch Her Breath More?

Trust me, I feel more uncomfortable writing this than you do reading it, but the shapes of the twins' rib cages actually offer a clue when figuring out who is who. Both women have been diagnosed with scoliosis and have approximately 40-degree curvatures in their spines. However, on their blog Blondesense, they wrote that "Haley's rotated rib cage actually sometimes causes her shooting pain and shortness of breath" when she's doing more intense exercises. As seen in the above gif, Emily is leading the charge here in her pink and beige bikini while the twins run on the beach in Mexico and Haley, in her white bikini, slows down a bit. So, if the twins are shown running again on Bachelor in Paradise, the one who stops first will most likely be Haley.

Who Is More Talkative?

After careful consideration, I can confidently say that the more outgoing of the twins appears to be Emily. She's definitely chattier and she was the twin who was most intrigued by Daniel, so you have to be quite a special and extroverted person to want to get to know him better. She stayed on Ben's season longer than her sister Haley and that might have been because she has the more dominant personality. Both sisters are pretty hilarious (in a kind of Mean Girls way), but when one of the sisters is talking more in their interviews together, it's a safe bet to think it's Emily.

As the women spend more time on Bachelor in Paradise, their differences and similarities will become more clear — and though it might be important to viewers to be able to identify the twins, it better be a top priority for the guys pursuing them.

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