Taylor Swift Is Living Her Best Single Life

Considering it's only been a few days, fans are still processing the end of Hiddleswift. Even Stephen Colbert sung a breakup song about the couple on his show Wednesday night. Yet Taylor Swift isn't sitting around crying or hiding from the spotlight following her reported split from Tom Hiddleston. Instead, Swift went out in New York City with Lily Aldridge, according to E! News. She may no longer be dating someone, but that doesn't mean her social life suddenly screeched to a halt. As someone who's always flaunting her friendships, it's not surprising that her pals have her back no matter what.

Probably the best thing about Swift going out for New York Fashion Week is that she's not slowing down her momentum. People on Twitter may have joked about the end of Hiddleswift, but she isn't letting it get to her. Honestly, if I was in her shoes, I probably would be too busy eating Ben & Jerry's to hit up Fashion Week. She's allowed to cope in whatever way she wants, but it's just surprising — and kind of awesome — she's putting herself back out there so soon, knowing the paparazzi will snap her photo any chance they get.

Although she's not hiding from the spotlight, she is seemingly taking a break from social media. Ever since the whole Kim Kardashian and Kanye West debacle, Swift hasn't really posted on her Twitter or Instagram. Her only posts are occasional birthday messages for her best friends, like Selena Gomez or Karlie Kloss. Besides that, she is keeping to herself.

James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

Keeping to herself, but also keeping busy seems to be an ideal combination for the "22" singer. It's not adding any extra attention or drama to her life. She could've easily posted a message after the breakup, or she could have said more when the whole Kimye situation went down. Instead, she wanted to be "excluded from the narrative" and thus far, stayed true to that promise.

Props to Swift for not letting any of the recent events slow her down — or more importantly, get her down. She's living her best single life, no matter what anyone says. It seems like she's officially done with the drama. And the fact that she hasn't said otherwise can speak for itself.