13 Realistic Halloween Masks To Scare The Pants Off Everyone

If you've left your Halloween costume to the last minute ~again~ there is one speedy solution that'll help you come up top trumps in the terror stakes: Realistic Halloween masks. These frightening face coverings are an incredibly easy way to transform yourself from gorgeous to gruesome. Once you've got your mask sorted, you probably don't need to make much effort with the rest of your outfit, because chances are, all eyes will be on your rad mask.

The best thing is, there are tons of different realistic Halloween masks to choose from, including novelty masks, comedic masks, and terrifying, heart-stopping types. You can pick a mask based on a character from your favorite horror movie, or one that makes a clever pop culture reference. You'll be spoilt for choice like Arya Stark in the House of Black and White – you can become anyone (or anything) for a night of frightful fun.

Halloween masks come at a range of price points, so there's an option for every pocket. The bonus point about wearing a mask is that you don't have to spend an eternity removing face paint at the end of the night, or be forced to wash fake blood out of your hair after multiple failed attempts. So here's a selection of realistic Halloween masks, so you can be a Faceless Woman for a night.

1. The Baby Faced Mask

Crying Baby Mask, $13, Hot Topic

Crying babies are never a pleasant sight, but when you couple a crying baby face with an oversized, adult bod, things take a super freaky turn for the worst.

2. The Old Man

Halloween Silicone Old Man 1/2 Mask "D.O.M." (Dirty Old Man) Realistic, $250, Etsy

On the other hand, you might want to go on the other end of the age spectrum and become an elderly man instead.

3. The Scarecrow

Handmade Burlap/Latex Scarecrow Halloween Horror Mask Unique, $120, Etsy

A scarecrow mask is the perfect choice for those living in a rural area who want to scare the wits out of their neighbors.

4. The Pig

Baconator – Grey Paint Latex Mask, $200, Etsy

Vegetarians and vegans can wreak revenge on bacon lovers everywhere with this super realistic pig mask.

5. The Creepy Clown

Scary Clown Walker Walking Dead Zombie Handmade Latex Halloween Mask, $120, Etsy

Anyone who's afraid of clowns will run a mile when they see you in this spine-chilling mask.

6. The Ripped Face Girl

Ripped Face Girl Mask, $7, Hot Topic

Gore lovers will enjoy this horrendous, "ripped face girl mask."

7. The Doll

Deadly Doll Mask, $160, Etsy

It doesn't matter if your friends are afraid of dolls or not, they'll never be able to look at you in the same way once you've flaunted this haunting mask.

8. The World Of Warcraft Orc

World Of Warcraft Orc Mask, $211, Etsy

Nerdy girls will have fun stomping around in this World of Warcraft inspired Orc mask.

9. The Velociraptor

Velociraptor Dinosaur Latex Mask – Jurassic Park Fursuit, $150, Etsy

Become one of the greatest predators in the history of the world in a velociraptor mask. Even better; grab your squad and don matching velociraptor masks for all the Jurassic Park feels.

10. The Sinister Skull

Rigid Cast Cow Skull Wearable Mask, $135, Etsy

Introverts who want to be left to their own devices at an upcoming Halloween party can wear this mask with a black cape and lurk in dark corners – people will probably be too afraid to pluck up the courage to talk to you!

11. The Alien

Alien Mask, $120, Etsy

If sci-fi is more your genre, a metallic alien mask will help you feel right at home – no phone calls necessary.

12. The German Shepherd

Buck The Shepherd Dog Mask, $49, ASOS

Dog lovers can delight in the idea that they can become their own canine companion for the evening. You're sure to be everybody's best friend in this quirky mask!

13. The Giant Squid

Great Old One Latex Mask, $600, Etsy

Folks who are suckers for quality craftsmanship will look totally monstrous in this incredibly detailed, giant squid head mask.

Take it easy this Halloween; sit back, relax, and pop on your mask at the last minute. It certainly beats getting stressed while you try to cobble together a makeshift costume!

Images: Courtesy Brands